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Blockwiz Aims To Empower Sustainable Growth For Web3 Projects With 0% Markups On KOLs & PR Services.

Blockwiz, a leading Web3 digital marketing solutions provider, is on a mission to innovate how marketing is done for Web3. By breaking the shackles of business economics to suit the needs of the Web3 entrepreneur’s community, Blockwiz aims to give back to the industry that has helped it thrive.

“The Blockwiz DNA is all about innovating, revolutionising and creating a friendly community for supporting Web3 entrepreneurs. Offering KOLs and PRs at 0 margin ensures that the Web3 projects and founders get a better run rate to survive in these market conditions.” 

 Dev Sharma, Founder and CEO at Blockwiz

In a recent rebranding exercise, Blockwiz has adapted its internal strategy to providing #FUDLESSmarketing to all of its partners, which is the need of the hour in this highly unreliable and unpredictable world of crypto, where rug pools are a very common sight.

Blockwiz adopts a NO MARGIN POLICY ON KOL & PR Services

Blockwiz took the market by surprise with its new marketing strategy, which is not only a bold move for any crypto marketing company but will help hundreds, if not thousands, of emerging crypto projects to attract market attention. 

This idea has been brewing within the team for quite some time. When Blockwiz hired their new CBO in the form of Mohit Ahuja, he was primarily tasked with ensuring that the marketing solutions that Blockwiz delivers are not only effective but also ROI-driven. 

After hours of conversation with fellow Web3 entrepreneurs, Mohit realized KOL campaigns with low ROI due to inflated costs, shilling via bot engagement, and a poor strategy were major concerns. Usually, the industry commands a 30-50% margin on nano and micro-influencers and more than 100% on macro and A-listers. The team was quick to react to stakeholders. Soon, Blockwiz developed an in-house SAAS to identify KOLs with a high percentage of bot followers, stalled any business activities with them, and advised them to let go of these bots to get the business back.

“My aim for Blockwiz is to provide a very transparent ROI & Data-Driven marketing campaigns for all our partners. By slashing margins from 30% to 0%; we are at the forefront of building trust in the space and ensuring we help fellow innovators in the current market conditions. While Web 3.0 is about innovating, it is also about picking up from the learnings of Web 2.0 and not repeating them again.”

-Mohit Ahuja, CBO at Blockiwz 

This strategy has resulted in several successful campaigns and raves reviews from their existing partners right from the likes of successful exchanges like Kucoin, Huboi, and ByBit to upcoming projects like XLA in the NFT space, Newton, which is changing the landscape with EVT’s, Caldance in the move to earn space. This helps validate that this strategy applied by Blockwiz works across all different niches.


About Blockwiz:

Blockwiz is a full-service web3 marketing agency established in 2019 by Dev Sharma, based in Canada. They have over 85 full-time crypto professionals who have worked on 150+ successful crypto projects with 250+ clients, including IMX, Kucoin, Huobi, ByBit, Torum, SugarBounce, Mosaico, RioDeFi, and more. 

They specialize in offering data-driven crypto marketing solutions to maximize their partner’s ROI. Their team of community moderators makes it simple to run your crypto communities on Discord and Telegram.

Blockwiz offers a wide range of marketing services, such as community building on discord and telegram, social media marketing, content writing, running paid media campaigns, and other solutions which are required for a web3 project to grow.

Additionally, Blockwiz provides consulting services for NFT, Web3, and Metaverse, helping brands begin their crypto journey from scratch. One can have a free consultation with Blockwiz via their about us page on their website.

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