July 24, 2024
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Bybit Introduces Copy Trading Pro for Enhanced Investment Opportunities

Bybit Introduces Copy Trading Pro for Enhanced Investment Opportunities

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has announced the launch of its new service, Copy Trading Pro, allowing users to explore opportunities beyond its spot market.

The new trading environment is designed to empower investors to make informed investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.

According to a shared press release, Copy Trading Pro is an advanced platform where users can benefit from the expertise of vetted professional investors, known as Pro Masters.

These experts were carefully selected based on their proven track record of successful investments, and they have access to both the spot and derivatives markets. 

Bybit said the move allows them to adopt diverse strategies to maximize potential returns on investment (ROI).

How Copy Trading Pro Works

Bybit initially hinted at the launch of Copy Trading Pro on June 4 without disclosing the official rollout timeline. The platform is now live, and users can start trading immediately.

Investors have the option to commit their assets to Pro Masters, who will trade on their behalf, or to trade independently. Either way, the platform is designed to accommodate both traders.

For Pro Masters, the platform has been designed to offer them the opportunity to focus on long-term investment opportunities by providing them with uninterrupted execution.

With access to both the spot and derivatives market, the trading experts can choose to adopt any investment strategy of their choice to ensure users profits from the investments. 

The move is aimed at allowing the trading experts to diversify their strategies for enhanced flexibility.

Additionally, Pro Masters can share part of the profits generated from the trading. Bybit said they can earn up to 30% of the total profit generated, incentivizing them to achieve the best possible outcomes for their investors.

Safety and Risk Management

As for investors, the Copy Trading Pro offers them the opportunity to mirror Pro Masters’ trades. This gesture eliminates slippages, position gaps and missed opportunities for the traders.

Furthermore, Bybit has integrated several safety measures into the Copy Trading Pro platform to protect investors from the volatile nature of the crypto market.

The new trading platform features a 10x leverage limit to protect users from overexposure and other undisclosed risk management tools designed to safeguard traders.

Bybit said it aims to provide a safe trading environment for its users.

“With Copy Trading Pro, we are revolutionizing the way traders and investors participate in the crypto market, creating a safer and more mutually beneficial environment for both sides,” said Joan Han, top executive at Bybit.

Achieving New Milestones

The launch of Copy Trading Pro coincides with Bybit’s announcement of reaching 30 million registered users. Bybit shared this milestone on July 19, noting it came “alongside a period of exceptional growth” for the exchange.

The company said citing a research conducted by Kaiko Research that its market share in the spot trading sector grew from 2% in 2023 to an impressive 9.3% in 2024. 

According to the firm, the figure represents nearly 400% growth within just 12 months.

The exchange attributed the success to its “unwavering commitment to user security and trust.”