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Can BTC See Recovery in June as the BRC-20 Frenzy Runs Out of Steam?

The Bitcoin community finds itself in a state of mixed emotions with the introduction of the BRC-20 token standard. Although met with resistance by some, the Bitcoin miners couldn’t be happier with this development.

The adoption of BRC-20 tokens has sparked a significant increase in network activity, resulting in a surge in Bitcoin miner revenue. The initial enthusiasm surrounding the BRC-20 token standard, particularly Bitcoin ordinal inscriptions, has waned over time.

Consequently, miner revenue has taken a hit in recent days, experiencing a decline after reaching its peak at an impressive $17.8 million during the height of the BRC-20 hype. This surge in miner revenue stands as the largest spike witnessed in the past three years, only comparable to the peak observed in May 2020.

Historically, higher miner revenue has served as an incentive for increased miner participation, attracting more miners to the ecosystem. This profitability trend has held true in the past four weeks, as evidenced by the rising number of miners joining the network.

Not surprisingly, Bitcoin’s hash rate, which indicates the computational power used for mining, has been on an upward trajectory throughout the year. In fact, it reached its all-time high at the beginning of May, aligning with a slight market recovery seen on a year-to-date basis.

Considering Bitcoin miner reserves is an excellent metric for evaluating market sentiment. A decrease in miner reserves suggests low confidence in the market, while an increase indicates a higher degree of confidence. Over the past five months, miner reserves have generally been on a decline. However, at the time of writing, there has been a notable spike in miner reserves, suggesting a recovery in miner confidence.

This newfound confidence among Bitcoin miners arrives at a critical juncture for Bitcoin’s price performance. After remaining range-bound for over two weeks, BTC has recently experienced a bullish breakout. Interestingly, this breakout occurred immediately following the conclusion of the BRC-20 and Bitcoin ordinals hype.

As we look ahead to June, it is still premature to predict a bullish performance for Bitcoin, especially since whale activity has yet to align with Bitcoin miner reserves. Nevertheless, we can expect increased volatility and a potential surge in miner reserves, given the shift in price dynamics out of a low volume range.

The introduction of the BRC-20 token standard has had contrasting effects on the Bitcoin community. While some harbor reservations, Bitcoin miners have reaped the benefits with a surge in revenue. As market sentiment shows signs of recovery and Bitcoin’s price enters a bullish breakout, the upcoming month holds promise for exciting developments in the world of Bitcoin.


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