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Cardano ($ADA) Is Rated A Top Crypto Project Via “Technology Development”

The team at Contora, a website that monitors social and technological data pertaining to cryptocurrencies, claims that Cardano ($ADA) has overtaken Bitcoin in terms of “technology development” as the leading cryptocurrency project.

After updating its data-tracking algorithm and changing how it tracked Cardano’s GitHub repositories, the Contora team released the update. Previously, the platform had only tracked the Cardano Foundation’s GitHub profile. After the correction, it was discovered that Cardano is leading with 357 active GitHub contributors out of a total of 3,221 contributors.

In a blog post, the team explained that before coming to its conclusion, it “double-checked GitHub repositories” it monitors for all bitcoin projects on its database and “made many modifications to update our developers data, simplified all the repositories.”

Notably, Cardano “seems to be one of the most developer-focused blockchains in the crypto world,” with its forthcoming Vasil hard fork being considered as a big upgrade for the network, according to CrypoCompare’s most recent Asset Report.

A significant update, the Vasil hard fork will incorporate multiple Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs). According to reports, ADA’s entire market cap increased to over $17 billion before the network’s much awaited hard fork, which is believed to result in a “huge performance improvement.”

The hard fork will be deployed on September 22, according to CryptoCompare’s report, and GitHub records show that developer activity increased in August as seen by a 1.6% increase in the number of “stars” and a 1.4% increase in the number of contributions to the Cardano source code.

Notably, the cryptocurrency community anticipates that the Vasil hard fork will cause the price of Cardano’s ADA to increase by almost 35% in September. Nearly 14,000 individuals forecasted the cryptocurrency’s price for the month’s conclusion, predicting that ADA would trade at $0.62 at that time, according to data from CoinMarketCap’s price estimation features.

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