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CivicScience Finds Out That Big Investors Are Selling Shares To Buy More Crypto

So, according to a new research by consumer data aggregator CivicScience, a massive number of investors are selling their shares to purchase more crypto.

Furthermore, CivicScience questions people over 18 years old in the U.S. at varying times during 2021. More so, The results from CivicScience were weighted by U.S. census data. Of course, each question has between 1000 and 40,600 respondents.

More so, Out of 3,700 respondents to CivicScience, 140% increase within 5month in the number who want to invest in cryptocurrency than traditional stocks.

Recall, in June, just 10% of respondents notes they will want to invest in crypto more than traditional stocks. Notably, in November, the figures rises to 24%.

Also, many analysts claiming to follow the financial market and economy want to swap their traditional assets for crypto. Of course, as CivicScience confirms.

Notably, from the 1285 respondents who claimes to be analysts. Of course, about 40% claims selling their traditional stocks to purchase crypto.

However, This percentage drops to 30% for those who follow the market “somewhat closely,”. Thereby, noting that according to CivicScience, about 17% for those who follow the market “not closely at all.” Furthermore, About 44% of the 1,988 respondents already sold stocks for crypto, also confirms they can sell less than 10% of their portfolios.

Lastly, about one-fifth records selling over half of their stock assets to buy crypto. Then, Zack Butovich from CivicScience describes it as a “So, according to a new research by consumer data aggregator CivicScience, a massive number of investors are selling their significant number.”

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