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CME Group Records 170% Rise In Q3 Bitcoin Futures Average Daily Volume

The world’s most popular derivatives marketplace, CME Group announces its September 2021 with Q3 market stats. Additionally, The announcement was on October 4.

More so, The company’s average daily volume (ADV) for Bitcoin futures sees 170% rise in the third quarter of 2021. However, these figures are despite the regulatory body’s uncertainty around the asset, according to a press statement.

Arguably, CME Group offers customers effective exposure to the Bitcoin market. Of course, the method of saving money on possible margin offsets between Bitcoin futures and options on Bitcoin futures. Thorough price discovery in transparent futures markets can give clients some benefits.

Notably, Bitcoin futures ADV was up to 24,236, which an overall increase of 170% in Q3; between August 20 and October 1. More so, the largest futures volume is on September 7, with volume at 15,998 while open interest 6,659.

However, statistics from CME Group reveals the lowest volume on September 15, with volume at 3,617 and open interest at 6,721.

Open Interest remains higher than volume

Furthermore, the open interest in Bitcoin futures is consistently higher than the volume from August 20 to October 1. However, there’s an exception of a single day on September 7, seeing the Bitcoin futures volume reach its highest.

Meawhile, over 2.1 million total contracts trades since the launch of micro Bitcoin futures on May 3, with an ADV of 21,000 contracts.

Results from most recent stats suggests that Micro E-mini futures and options accounts for 34% Equity Equity Index ADV. Of course, with Micro Bitcoin futures amounting for just 0.3 % Equity Index ADV.

Bitcoin To Add More Exposure Under CME Group

Bitcoin futures and options under CME Group puts confidence on investors as they now have choices for hedging against cryptocurrency risk. Traders can also leverage on the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and the ask for products that help to handle Bitcoin exposure.

Conclusively, CME Group offers customers the ability to trade, options, cash, and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, optimize portfolios. Also, able to analyze data, providing market players with the tools they need to effectively manage risk and seize opportunities.

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