July 24, 2024
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COBOX METAVERSE ANOTHER WORLD UNDER OCEAN : Inside the Ocean Gate Titan With Cobox Metaverse

The world learned a lot about the tragic loss under the deep sea Exploration this week the world kept an eye on the Titan submersible missing along with four millionaires who met their death this week in the cold water of North Atlantic, Ceo of Ocean Gate whose wife is a great great granddaughter of a couple who drowned on the Titanic in 1912.


This Catastrophic implosion of the Titanic submersible shows why Metaverse is Necessary and how Cobox Metaverse a Parallel digital universe teaches about technology and gives you an identity in Cobox virtual world this space you will be safe and accessible to explore around the world Now for all users we are opening opportunity for under ocean virtual land.


As people consider a safer way to explore we can’t help but make this underwater your digital twin concept of Cobox Metaverse that is a virtual world reachable through VR headset, and for more immersive Vision Pro from Apple is for users you will never die there.


As I can see as long as people are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to visit the Remote corners of our planet there will be demand expressed or not for safer cheaper and more widely accessible methods of getting there we should invest heavily and make space in a virtual world that allows more people to explore these places without needing to actually be there but I think this tragic incident affords us an opportunity in fact gives us a mandate to device safe ways for people to satisfy their adventurous spirit and educational urges.


Let’s travel with Cobox Virtual Ocean two miles into the sea for a field trip. Absolutely not but if you were dropped at high vision Pro or maybe VR and capable of roaming the Titanic and strapping some VR goggles to your head I m pretty sure you will need over the experiences and I know I am not Alone.


Let’s explore future Virtual life underwater or Roaming across the globe to create More success stories with Cobox Metaverse.


Explained by Adaa [Marketing Director at Cobox Metaverse }


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