CoinDCX’s Unfold 2023: Shaping India’s Web3 Leadership with 2500+ Participants and Innovation Galores

  • The event was graced by Priyank Mallikarjun Kharge, Minister IT/BT Karnataka, Sh. Jayant Sinha, Chairman PSC-FINANCE and Member of Parliament (MP) and Sh. Rajeev Gowda, Vice Chairman, Karnataka Policy and Planning Commission, Former- MP, Rajya Sabha
  • The three-day event, Unfold 2023, wrapped up with resounding success, bringing together over 2,500 participants. Highlights included the launch of the Unified Integrated CoinDCX App, a thriving multichain multiprotocol hackathon featuring more than 700 developers, and a captivating Demo Day. This event has solidified India’s prominent position in the global Web3 landscap.


Bengaluru, October 26, 2023 – Unfold 2023, India’s largest Web3 event organized by CoinDCX from October 19 -21, 2023, was wrapped up on a high note. The sheer scale of the event and the overwhelming success reflects the promising future of Web3 in India. This objective is no less than propelling the nation to the forefront of Web3 leadership, thereby charting the course for the next phase of the Internet revolution.

Unfold 2023 witnessed a remarkable turnout of over 2,500 participants during its three-day duration. Eminent leaders from the Ministry such as Sh. Priyank Mallikarjun Kharge, Minister IT/BT Karnataka, Sh. Jayant Sinha, Chairman PSC-FINANCE and MP and Sh. Rajeev Gowda, Vice Chairman, of Karnataka Policy and Planning Commission, and former- MP, Rajya Sabha, spoke at the event, sharing a firm belief in the potential of Web3 to generate employment opportunities and revolutionize the internet landscape. The Event featured participation both in person and virtually, with over 60 distinguished global Web3 leaders and entrepreneurs, including notable figures such as Jesse Pollak, Founder of Base; Emin Gün Sirer, Founder of Ava Labs; Raj Gokal, Co-Founder of Solana Labs; Balaji Srinivasan; Ola Doudin, Co-Founder and CEO of BitOasis; and Mo Shaikh of Aptos.


Unfold 2023 hosted Asia’s largest multichain multiprotocol hackathon, drawing over 700 web developers who competed for a total prize pool of USD 85,000. The Demo Day, which was also part of the event, saw some exceptional ideas from the entrepreneurs. The perks of winning the Demo Day included a $1 million pool of funding from CoinDCX Ventures and some of the top-tier Web3 investors, including Pi Ventures, Mumbai Angels, Global Coin Research, Dorahacks Ventures, Hashed EM, Draper Dragon, and IOSG Venture. By every metric, the event stood as the grandest and most significant in the realm of Web3.


CoinDCX also unveiled its upgraded app, offering Indian crypto investors and traders a seamless experience with integrated advanced features from CoinDCX Pro. The user-friendly app launched during Unfold 2023 ensures secure and compliant trading in Virtual Digital Assets (VDAs).


Delivering a keynote at Unfold 2023, Shri Priyank Kharge extended his support for Web3 innovation within the state. He proposed the exploration of a regulatory sandbox for development and innovation until a comprehensive framework is established. “The Government of Karnataka is willing to Listen, Learn and Adapt new technology and we are here to support the industry.In the burgeoning realm of Web3, our government is committed to not only observe and absorb but also to evolve with this digital frontier. We eagerly anticipate the establishment of a regulatory sandbox,” he said.


Shri. Jayant Sinha praised CoinDCX for its outstanding initiatives in fostering synergy among developers, startup founders, and other participants within the Web3 ecosystem during Unfold 2023. “India and Indian digital infrastructure has been recognized globally. With the world’s largest open digital ecosystem and a passionate developer community, India is poised to lead the global Web3 revolution. The presence of so many developers at Unfold 2023 hackathon is a testament to this vision,” he added.


Speaking at Unfold, Mr. Sumit Gupta, Co-founder, CoinDCX said, “In this transformative decade, the VDA market cap is poised to surge by 15-20%, paving the way for a future that holds incredible promise. By 2030, we anticipate a landscape where over 1 million developers will be actively crafting web3, ushering in web3 applications that will engage over 1 billion users. Our commitment at CoinDCX extends beyond building a large company. We are dedicated to crafting an open, inclusive, and efficient internet, right here in India, and sharing it with the world. Together, we will build for the long-term and build the right way.”


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished speakers, valued partners, sponsors, developers who participated in the hackathon, and innovative startups who united with us in this remarkable journey at Unfold 2023. Together, we have taken substantial strides in constructing a unified and collaborative Web3 ecosystem,” Sumit added.


Unfold 2023 stands as a monumental achievement, propelling India to the forefront of the global Web3 arena. With hundreds of startups, five unicorns, and a projected contribution of $1.1 trillion to India’s GDP by 2032, this event underscored the imperative of fostering a unified Web3 ecosystem. India’s pivotal role in grassroots crypto adoption, housing 11% of the global Web3 developer pool, solidifies its position as a Web3 powerhouse. Anticipating a 120% growth in blockchain talent, the nation is poised for remarkable progress. The retail and financial sectors, contributing 37% and 15% respectively, will drive Web3 and metaverse adoption, illuminating India’s dynamic potential. Unfold 2023 has firmly established India as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape, marking a significant leap toward a collaborative and thriving future.




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