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Craig Wright Claims He Will Overhaul ‘Global Casino’ Crypto Industry After The $100 Million Lawsuit Settlement

After Australian cryptographer and inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright receives an order to pay a $100,000,000 settlement. Of course, for a 3-year-long lawsuit between him and the estate of a former business partner.

Notably, The computer scientist gets sued by the estate of Dave Kleinman, who died in 2013. But, had a relationship with Wright earlier.

Kleinman’s estate alleged that the two men co-created Bitcoin in 2009, the claims that Wright illegally took possession of 1.1 million BTC. Of course, they mined it together as per the claims.

So, after 21 days in court, a Florida jury declares Wright to be not liable for six out of seven charges. Then, Wright is liable for conversion, which is like a form of theft or taking ownership inconsistent with the real owner’s right of possession.

More so, The trial causes huge amounts of attention on the possibility of the identity of Satoshi Nakomoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. But still, no definitive evidence shows this during the case, while the trial revolves around whether or not Wright and Kleinman are business partners.

Furthermore, Wright and others in the crypto industry believe that he is Satoshi Nakomoto. However, in order to prove this fact, many are asking him to move the coins belonging to Satoshi’s wallet. Meanwhile, some actually claim to see him do this but there’s no public confirmation to these rumors yet. Lastly, Dave Kleinman’s brother Ira still believes the pair create Bitcoin together.

Then, in a short clip, Wright feels vindicated with the jury’s decision and also with plans on changing the crypto industry

“I feel completely vindicated. Next, there are still more fights…”
“We are going to make everything change from cryptocurrency to digital cash the way it’s meant to be…”
“My original invention is coming back. I’m not going anywhere, I’m here for the long term,..”
“and I’m here for the fight. Each victory we get takes us closer to a world where digital cash is used…”
“Not a global casino, but real digital cash, where people in third world…”
“countries can make money, hold money, and trade.”

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