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Crypto Analyst SalsaTekila Says Bitcoin is His First Pick in Crypto Space

Crypto Analyst SalsaTekila Says Bitcoin is His First Pick in Crypto Space

A crypto analyst who is often referred to as SalsaTekila expresses his opinion on large to medium cap crypto picks. The pseudonymous analyst is known for converting 0.2 BTC into $100,000. The analyst lists his top five large to medium-cap crypto picks. He elucidates that he believes a fresh altcoin season is steeping. However, the timing depends on Bitcoin.

According to SalsaTekila, Bitcoin is the most accountable gamble in the crypto markets. He further elucidates that Bitcoin is the first pick in the crypto markets. The trader states he has massively funded in Ethereum (ETH). He further states that Ethereum is his number two pick in the crypto markets. Following Ethereum, the analyst aims to Chainlink (LINK) as his third pick. 

Crypto Analyst Advises Traders To Be Patient

According to the analyst, Binance Coin (BNB) is his fourth pick in the crypto market. It is followed by Monero (XMR). Thus, according to SalsaTekila, the top five picks involves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Binance Coin, and Monero. Followed by his top five picks he advises traders to be patient as the markets may move sideways. 

However, Bitcoin as his first priority does not come as a shock when payment giants like PayPal are providing Bitcoin services. Various investors, celebrities, companies are also investing in Bitcoin. Recently, New research from Mizuho Securities, has revealed the nature of PayPal users about the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) as a method of payment. 

Mizuho securities is a Japanese investment banking and securities firm. As per an update on Twitter by CNBC markets commentator Michael Santoli, Mizuho Securities stated that about 65% of the platform’s users state they are willing to spend Bitcoin (BTC) at one of PayPal’s 28 million merchants worldwide. This shows the wider acceptance of bitcoin across the globe.

However, Ethereum is also progressing dynamically. Recently, the number of new nodes entering the Ethereum network owing to Eth 2.0 imminent launch has increased for the first time since 2015. Ethereum network has over 11,162 nodes. The penetration of new nodes into the Ethereum network due to the Eth 2.0 transition is a great step towards further decentralization.

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