July 23, 2024
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Crypto.com signs a sponsorship agreement with a new professional soccer team

Crypto.com, a Singapore-based cryptoasset exchange, has established a multi-year partnership with Angel City Football Club in Los Angeles (ACFC).

Crypto.com has acquired an exclusive four-year sponsorship arrangement as a founding partner of ACFC, a Los Angeles professional women’s soccer team based in Los Angeles, according to a report by The Block. According to the source, this is the first time a major cryptocurrency platform has directly sponsored a professional women’s sports team.

In a release, Crypto.com said the sponsorship deal would

“serve to increase access and awareness to cryptocurrencies, blockchain

and Web3 technologies for LA soccer fans and ACFC players.”

Serena Williams, actresses Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, and Eva Longira. Also, 15 former members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, are among the founders of the cryptoasset exchange.

The arrangement, according to Alexis Ohanian, founder of Seven Seven Six and a founding investor in ACFC.

Who will assist position the Football Club as a leader in its industry and will be a “turning point”

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