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Cryptocurrency Influencer Benjamin Cowen Analyses Solana’s Potential Turnaround

Benjamin Cowen, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space with over 780,000 followers on YouTube, has offered insights into the potential trajectory of Solana ($SOL), drawing parallels with Cardano’s ($ADA) historical performance and suggesting a turnaround could be on the horizon.

Identifying Patterns:

Cowen delved into historical data, pinpointing a pattern in Solana’s price movement. He noted instances where Solana experienced a low, followed by a high, and then revisited that high again. Drawing a comparison to Cardano’s price behavior in 2019, he speculated whether Solana could potentially see a drop to $16.5 or even $11 before initiating a recovery.

Historical Precedent:

Cowen highlighted Cardano’s history as an example. After reaching its peak, Cardano underwent a substantial decline, only to surge afterward. This pattern prompted him to contemplate whether Solana and other altcoins might follow a similar trajectory in the coming months.

Current Solana Situation:

As of the current scenario, Solana is trading at $24.8, reflecting a 6.5% increase over the past 24 hours. This observation adds another layer to Cowen’s analysis of Solana’s potential ups and downs.

The inflow of Investments and ESG Recognition:

The report delves into the notable influx of investments in cryptocurrency products focused on altcoins, including Solana. According to CCData’s Digital Asset Management Review, investment products centered around Solana, Stellar ($XLM), and $XRP saw substantial inflows in the past month. SOL-based products experienced a 55.7% increase, amounting to $87.8 million in assets under management (AUM).

Furthermore, Solana’s standing in CCData’s ESG Benchmark report is noteworthy. It shares a position with Cardano, with both projects trailing behind Ethereum ($ETH). The report emphasizes the growing significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandates among institutional investors and funds. It projects that global ESG-related assets under management could reach $33.9 trillion by 2026.

Solana’s Potential Turnaround:

Cowen’s analysis, while speculative, sheds light on the potential turnaround that Solana could undergo. The comparison to Cardano’s historical behavior underscores the cyclical nature of cryptocurrency markets. With Solana making notable strides in adoption and investment interest, the cryptocurrency’s trajectory in the coming months will undoubtedly be closely watched by enthusiasts and investors alike.


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