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Lack of a regulatory framework limits the potential of DAOs: ECB Occasional Paper

In the ever-shifting landscape of regulatory uncertainties, the sustained evolution of the DAO ecosystem faces headwinds, as unveiled by a recent Occasional Paper from the European Central Bank.

The Occasional Paper, titled “The future of DAOs in finance – in need of legal status,” penned by Ellen Naudts, an expert in market infrastructure payments at the ECB, underscores the imperative for a robust regulatory framework for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to carve their niche in the future financial realm. The paper emphasizes how the swift advancement of technology has outpaced regulatory measures concerning DAOs, negatively impacting the safety and long-term viability of the ecosystem.

As DAOs inundate the market with innovative propositions, the existing “pen-and-paper era” registration framework proves inadequate in addressing the diverse risks they pose to investors.

The paper concludes that until a comprehensive global regulatory framework is established, effectively tackling the challenges outlined, and ensuring that DAOs cease to pose threats to financial stability, the seamless operation of payment and securities systems, and the adequate protection of consumers, the potential role of DAOs in the future financial sector will remain inherently limited.

In tandem with the call for regulatory clarity, Fabio Panetta, an executive board member of the ECB, recently advocated for the digital euro, envisioning it as a catalyst to position Europe at the forefront of advanced economies. Panetta expressed support for the European Commission’s legislative proposals for the digital euro, emphasizing its role in providing Europeans with perpetual access to a public payment option, be it in cash or digital form. This perspective stands strong amid the growing prevalence of “closed-loop solutions” in private payment services.

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