July 24, 2024
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Despite Being Hacked Twice BitKeep Rakes in Over $10M Users

BitKeep, a decentralized multi-chain Web3 DeFi wallet, announced that its total user count had surpassed 10 million as of April. The company has grown tremendously since surviving multiple hacks.

BitKeep added 560,000 new user accounts in March alone as a result of several successful campaigns between the company and several prominent blockchains, including Arbitrum and Sui.

According to a recent blog post by BitKeep, the Arbitrum campaign saw the successful launch of ARBK, which registered a total of 708,800 on-chain transactions and was airdropped to over 100,000 active users who participated in campaign-related tasks and activities.

During the campaign period, participants could exchange ARBK for Arbitrum’s native token, ARB. It also ranked first on Arbitrum’s ecosystem popularity chart, with 150,000 token-holding addresses and a 330,000 interaction volume.

BitKeep performed admirably in the NFT space as well. The wallet provider claimed that BitKeep NFT Market topped the charts in terms of trading volume on BNB Chain, as well as the number of active wallets on Polygon. Another accomplishment was that it reported $28,000 in daily transaction volume on Arbitrum, trailing only NFT behemoth OpenSea.

“BitKeep was also included on DappRadar’s list of recommended wallets, allowing users to easily connect to the leading Web3 DApp distribution platform from their BitKeep Wallet.” In March, BitKeep’s integrated DApp browser gained access to 80 new DApps, including Maverick Protocol, Defina, TinyTap, Pyme, Sociogram, and many more.”

Meanwhile, BitKeep revealed that it is working on Web3 DID features (decentralized identity). It is also working to expand its web3 efforts by supporting the ZK-Rollup ecosystem.The BitKeep wallet was hacked in October of last year, and the hacker stole $1 million in BNB. The attack was carried out using a token swapping service. Only two months later, the wallet provider lost $8 million. It then promised to compensate all victims by the end of March.

Last week, crypto copy trading platform Bitget led a $30 million fundraising for BitKeep and also announced its plans to rebrand the crypto wallet service to ‘Bitget Wallet.