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DeVere Group CEO Makes New Predictions For Cardano, Ethereum and Solana

Financial services firm deVere Group CEO Nigel Green makes news predictions for the Bitcoin bull run. Also, gives his outlook on three competing smart contract platforms.

Furthermore, deVere Group CEO Nigel notes the price of Bitcoin may continue rising till Q2 of 2022. Of course, this will be possible as concerns over inflation rise.

So, deVere Group CEO Nigel explains.

“This latest data out of the U.S. will only compound global fears about…”
“inflation as price pressures run hot around the world…”
“And it’s one that is likely to last until at least the beginning of the…”
“second quarter of 2022 when pressures should start to ease.”

Then, deVere Group CEO Nigel adds.
“Against this backdrop, and amid some peaks and troughs along the way as markets never…”
“move in a straight line with traders taking profit, we can expect to see the price of Bitcoin…”
“and other major cryptocurrencies continue their skywards trajectory…”

More so, deVere Group CEO Nigel notes.

“Bitcoin is widely regarded as a shield against inflation mainly…”
“because of its limited supply, which is not influenced by its price.”

Notably, The deVere Group head explains that Bitcoin has overperformed gold as a hedge against inflation.

“In this inflationary period, Bitcoin has outperformed gold,…”
“which has been almost universally hailed as the ultimate inflation hedge – until now.”

Lastly, deVere Group CEO Nigel also stated that the appreciation in Bitcoin’s price… Of course, will have an impact on other crypto assets like Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA).

“Bitcoin’s gravitational pull on other digital assets will show itself again this week,…”
“pulling up other major cryptocurrencies as it maintains its own strength.”

Then, deVere Group CEO Nigel concludes

“We can expect those cryptos involved with fintech development,…”
“such as Ethereum, Solana and Cardano, to do particularly well.”

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