July 25, 2024

Digital Securities and Tokenization 2023 (DST23)

 July 13th, 2023 | Frankfurt School of Finance & Management



With over 300 on-site and more than 2,000 online participants, 45+ speakers, 10+ panel discussions, 10+ keynotes, and 15+ company booths, the Digital Securities and Tokenization 2023 conference (DST23) will take place on July 13th, 2023.

The integration of crypto jargon into everyday business is leading to a swift and unprecedented evolution and maturation of the digital asset landscape. Tokenization is reshaping the conventional notion of ownership, while blockchain technology is being utilized in various ways, especially in the field of digital securities. The potential offered by these disruptive innovations is vast, and it is unimaginable for industries to envision a future without digital assets as they adjust to these transformative changes.


Bringing together industry experts, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs, the Digital Securities and Tokenization 2023 conference in Frankfurt on July 13th will delve deep into the latest trends shaping the world of digital securities and tokenization.

Join over 300 on-site attendees and 2,000+ online participants on in-depth discussions, exclusive speeches, insightful pitches from industry experts and excellent networking.

Look forward to top-level content on leveraging international regulation, applications of German eWpG, and institutional grade projects, as well as tokenization of real assets, infrastructure for digital assets, and tokenization of other assets such as digital assets and NFTs as merchandising!


Don’t miss your chance to engage in valuable discussions and connect with industry professionals and be at the forefront of market developments, trends, and cutting-edge research results! Secure your spot now and be part of the conversation!


More information: www.dst-conference.de