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Early December will see the Solana launch of the first Ethereum EVM

On-chain remedy Neon EVM has declared that on December 12 it will go live on the Solana mainnet. With the debut, Ethereum dApps will have access to the Solana network’s functionality, scalability, and liquidity.

At the Solana BreakPoint conference, Marina Guryeva, the founder of Neon Labs, disclosed the date. 

The only one of its kind on Solana, Neon EVM expands network development options. The advantages of using well-liked Ethereum dApps on Solana’s scalable network are also available to users. Guryeva brought up the potential effect on usability and said,

“Neon EVM unites the best of two worlds, Ethereum and Solana, and puts to rest the Ethereum killer narrative once and for all. Ethereum-based projects can, for the first time, tap into the previously inaccessible audience and liquidity of Solana without needing to rewrite their code in Rust. As a result, users will now get to enjoy enhanced user experiences on Solana without losing out on Ethereum’s battle-tested dApps.”

The user base of Solana, which has an average of 20.5 million active wallets per month, will also be available to Ethereum developers and projects. Neon Labs further mentioned that Neon is already being used by Ethereum-based projects like Aave, Curve, and Sobal. This would significantly increase the number of dApps available to Solana users, since Ethereum’s dApps are among the most popular ones on the market.

Developers can create Ethereum dApps on the Solana network and take use of its benefits by using the Neon EVM. A Solana transaction encapsulates the Neon transactions of the Ethereum dApps.

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