July 23, 2024
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Emirates Airline in the United Arab Emirates is planning to use Bitcoin as a payment service


According to the company’s chief operating officer (COO), Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, the UAE’s top airline, Emirates Airline, would soon accept bitcoin as a payment option. In addition, the airline’s website will feature non-fungible token (NFT) collections.

The airline’s intention to embrace bitcoin comes only weeks after it announced its NFT and metaverse aspirations. The purpose of the metaverse launch, according to Bitcoin.com News, is to ensure that the airline is aligned with the UAE’s vision for the digital economy.

Al Redha intimated in statements published in Arab News that his company may need to hire staff to help it develop applications that track client wants. He also discussed the distinctions between NFTs and the metaverse. He elaborated:

NFTs and metaverse are two distinct applications and methodologies. You’ll be able to turn your entire process whether it’s in operation, training, website sales. The entire experience into a metaverse-style application, but more significantly, make it interactive.

The story did not specify when the airline plans to begin accepting bitcoin payments.

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