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Ethereum and Bitcoin try for a pick-up  — SOL, XRP, MATIC rally

The price of bitcoin is attempting to reach USD 21,000. Ethereum is trading at over $1,150 USD, while XRP increased by almost 13%. The best performer is MATIC, with SOL approaching USD 40.

The USD 20,500 support served as a base for the price of bitcoin as it climbed past the USD 21,000 mark. It is up more than 3% over the past week and is currently (04:03 UTC) trading close to USD 21,070.

Similar to this, most significant altcoins are exhibiting signals of growth. The USD 1,100 and USD 1,120 resistance levels were broken by ETH. XRP rose and overcame the USD 0.35 barrier. The upside break above the USD 0.50 resistance is what ADA is aiming for.


The price of bitcoin began to rise steadily after closing over the USD 20,500 mark. Before paring some of its gains, BTC rose above the USD 21,000 obstacle and even cleared USD 21,200. The bulls appear to be aiming for a move above the USD 21,500 mark. Nearly USD 22,200 is now the next significant resistance. A rally towards the USD 23,200 level could begin if the USD 22,200 level is closed above.

On the downside, a preliminary support is located close to the USD 20,500 mark. Below USD 20,000, where a sharper slide may begin, there is the next significant support.


From the USD 1,050 level, the price of Ethereum began to rise and is currently testing the USD 1,150 mark. If it reaches USD 1,200, the next significant barrier is close to USD 1,250, above which the price may go to USD 1,320. ETH has increased by 7% in one day and by roughly 8% in one week.

The initial support level for the downside is $1,120 USD. Near USD 1,050 is the next significant support, below which the price may return to USD 1,000.

Cardano (ADA) price remained strongly bid above the USD 0.45 support for ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP. Price started rising steadily above USD 0.48 and was getting close to USD 0.50 resistance.

BNB is trading over the USD 230 resistance mark and is up more than six percent. The price may possibly challenge the USD 250 level if it rises above the USD 242 level, which is the next significant obstacle.

Solana (SOL) is up 11% and is now getting close to the USD 40 resistance area. A definite move above the USD 40 mark may signal the beginning of a broader climb.

The USD 0.0650 barrier level was broken by DOGE. Near the USD 0.068 level comes the next significant obstacle. The tone for a move towards the USD 0.070 level might be established by a clear move above the USD 0.068 level.

The USD 0.335 resistance was ultimately broken by the XRP price, which has since turned bullish. It increased by 14% and overcame the USD 0.35 resistance. At USD 0.38, there is a significant resistance. Also up nearly 18 percent in the past week is XRP.

Today’s market for alternative cryptocurrencies

Numerous alternative coins, including DOT, AVAX, MATIC, UNI, LINK, CRO, ATOM, ALGO, XMR, ETC, VET, and SAND, are up more than 5%. The greatest performance among the top 100 coins today was MATIC, which rose 23% and overcame the USD 0.60 mark. This increased its weekly gains to 57%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is rising above the USD 21,000 mark. In the foreseeable future, it appears that BTC could increase more, possibly reaching USD 22,000 or USD 22,500.

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