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Ethereum’s Daily Active Addresses Hit Second-Highest Spike: Sign of Upcoming Rally?

Recent on-chain data from Santiment reveals that Ethereum’s daily active addresses have seen their second-highest spike since the cryptocurrency’s inception. Interestingly, this uptick only falls short of the record set in December 2022. Consequently, this surge in unique daily active addresses—often viewed as an indicator of network activity and user engagement—might hold clues for Ethereum’s immediate future.

The “daily active addresses” metric accounts for unique Ethereum addresses engaged in transactions, either sending or receiving. Notably, “unique” in this context means that an address contributing multiple daily transactions still counts as one unit toward the metric. Hence, the number of unique daily active addresses can be equated to individual users, indicating the network’s daily traffic.

The data shows that over one million users have interacted with the Ethereum blockchain in the past day. This is an extremely high figure and the second-highest in Ethereum’s eight-year history. The metric was only higher on December 9, 2022, coinciding with the post-FTX crash lows and what later proved to be a bear market bottom for Ethereum.

Moreover, following the December spike, Ethereum experienced a rally starting in January 2023. Therefore, if history is any indicator, this recent spike in daily active addresses may be a precursor to a new upward movement for the digital asset.

However, it’s essential to note that this uptick in user activity comes after a period of low investor interest in Ethereum. Over the past few months, the metric had been relatively dormant, which makes this recent spike all the more noteworthy.

Additionally, despite the surge in daily active addresses, Ethereum’s price has remained relatively flat, trading around $1,600 over the past week. This might indicate that although user activity has surged, market sentiment has yet to catch up.

In conclusion, the sharp rise in Ethereum’s daily active addresses could signify a shift in market interest and activity. If the December 2022 spike serves as a reliable template, Ethereum might soon experience an upswing. However, the market price has yet to reflect this increase in network engagement, leaving many to wonder if Ethereum is on the brink of a significant rally.


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