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According to recent investigation, Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney cannot be Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Jameson Lopp, the relentless investigator, embarked on a formidable quest. He meticulously scoured the annals of archived emails from the epoch of 2010, delved into the data treasure trove from a spirited 10-mile race that unfolded on the sun-kissed shores of California back in 2009, and unearthed a plethora of compelling evidence. All these elements coalesced into a symphony of revelation that would alter the course of history.

Within the annals of time, a momentous revelation has come to light. It weaves a tale of the enigmatic Bitcoin trailblazer, Hal Finney, who, as fate would have it, found himself engaged in a grueling 10-mile race as the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto orchestrated the digital ballet of emails and Bitcoin transactions. A saga of speculative whispers had long enveloped the late Hal Finney, a luminary of computer science, as the elusive creator of Bitcoin. A digital riddle wrapped in a cryptographic enigma.

Amidst the digital whispers, the indomitable Finney, the first human soul, apart from the enigmatic Satoshi himself, to embrace the nascent Bitcoin software, emerged as a pivotal character. However, he ardently rebuffed the assertions until his final breath in 2014.

As the narrative unfolds, we encounter Jameson Lopp, a self-proclaimed cypherpunk and co-founder of the esteemed Bitcoin custody establishment, Casa. In a blog post that reverberated across the digital cosmos on the 21st of October, Lopp unveiled a trove of new evidence. This compelling revelation cast formidable shadows upon the whispered speculations that had enshrouded the origin of Bitcoin.

Lopp’s pièce de résistance is centered around a singular event that unfolded within the folds of time: a 10-mile odyssey in Santa Barbara, California, on that fateful Saturday, April 18, 2009. As the hands of the clock pointed at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, Hal Finney embarked on this epic journey, crossing the finish line a mere 78 minutes later.

However, what adds a layer of intrigue is the synchronous dance of time-stamped emails between Satoshi and one of Bitcoin’s earliest architects, Mike Hearn. These archived missives unveil a cryptic ballet of words that hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the past.

Jameson Lopp, the relentless seeker of truths, notes with curiosity, “It turns out that early Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn was emailing back and forth with Satoshi during this time.” These digital transcripts reveal a tantalizing detail: Satoshi dispatched an email to Mike at precisely 9:16 AM Pacific time, a mere two minutes before Hal crossed the finish line.

For the hour and 18 minutes that encapsulated Hal’s ardous race, one can safely infer that his focus was far removed from the allure of the digital realm.

Moreover, in this intricate digital tapestry, Lopp unveils yet another layer of evidence. He meticulously shines a light on the blockchain data, which serves as an indelible ledger of history. Hearn’s emails disclose a transfer of 32.5 BTC in a singular transaction. Lopp’s discerning gaze zeroes in on block 11,408, which bore witness to this transaction, emerging into existence at 8:55 AM PST. It’s worth noting that this was a mere 55 minutes into Hal’s epic journey.

Further attesting to the temporal conundrum, Nakamoto himself confirmed this transaction, along with another one involving 50 BTC, in a missive sent at 6:16 PM. Astonishingly, this feat was accomplished while Hal Finney was still etching his name into the annals of that 10-mile race.

Yet, the plot thickens. As we wade deeper into the narrative, we stumble upon a curious paradox. While Hal Finney’s battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) exacted a toll on his ability to wield a keyboard, Satoshi Nakamoto was deftly crafting code and partaking in digital discourses across various forums.

Fran Finney, Hal’s steadfast partner, penned a poignant note on the 22nd of August, 2010, shedding light on this enigmatic juncture. She chronicled their attendance at the 2010 Singularity Summit in San Francisco on the 14th and 15th of August. This note painted a vivid picture of Hal’s declining dexterity at the keyboard, transitioning from a “rapid-fire” 120 words per minute to a “sluggish finger peck.”

Coincidentally, during this very temporal window, Satoshi Nakamoto was not dormant. Lopp illuminates the paradox, highlighting Nakamoto’s four code check-ins and a prolific corpus of 17 forum posts across the 14th and 15th of August, 2010.

Intriguingly, Lopp brings forth yet another layer of complexity, highlighting discrepancies between Finney’s Reusable Proofs of Work code and the original Bitcoin client code. This divergence in the codebase becomes another enigma that adds to the tapestry of the narrative.

Of course, in the grand tapestry of revelations, there remains room for skeptics. Hearn’s publication of these emails in 2017, a full seven years ex-post facto, introduces an element of doubt. It was a time when the Bitcoin community found itself fractured over contentious debates regarding the scalability of the digital currency. Skeptics postulate that Finney might have scripted the emails and transactions well in advance. Furthermore, the tantalizing possibility of multiple Satoshi Nakamotos continues to tantalize the curious.

Yet, Jameson Lopp, the steadfast investigator, ardently contends that the creation of Bitcoin emerged from the singular vision of a solitary developer. As the digital curtain falls, we reflect upon the poignant truth that Hal Finney, the embodiment of resilience, departed from this realm in August 2014, leaving behind a legacy forever intertwined with the enigmatic genesis of Bitcoin.

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