July 24, 2024
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Some of the FTX executives who entered guilty pleas could testify in Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal prosecution.

According to courthouse reports, Assistant U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoon has cited Caroline Ellison, Gary Wang, and Nishad Singh as potential witnesses in an upcoming legal proceeding. This pertains to several former high-ranking executives affiliated with cryptocurrency exchange FTX and its affiliated entities, who are expected to provide testimony in the ongoing criminal case led by the United States Justice Department against Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried.

During the jury selection process for SBF’s impending trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoon identified key individuals, including former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, co-founder of FTX Gary Wang, former FTX engineering director Nishad Singh, and former FTX chief operating officer Constance Wang, as potential witnesses poised to testify against Bankman-Fried. It’s noteworthy that Ellison, Gary Wang, and Singh have previously pleaded guilty to charges linked to their involvement in the FTX collapse, while Ryan Salame, the former co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets and the fifth individual directly implicated in the case, will not be taking the stand.

Sassoon also floated the names of other prospective witnesses, such as Anthony Scaramucci, co-founder of SkyBridge Capital, who has previously expressed criticism regarding SBF’s alleged role in the cryptocurrency market downturn of 2022. The proceedings in the SBF criminal trial were initiated by Judge Lewis Kaplan, who posed questions to potential jurors regarding their suitability for the case.

According to multiple reports emerging from the courthouse, Bankman-Fried made his first appearance without his signature disheveled hair, which had evidently been trimmed for the trial’s commencement. Judge Kaplan confirmed that prosecutors had not extended a plea bargain to the former FTX CEO and inquired about prospective jurors’ scheduling, potential hardships, and conflicts of interest. He also issued a stern admonition against consuming media content related to the ongoing trial.

“This case has garnered significant public attention,” Kaplan remarked, as reported. “I urge you to refrain from engaging with it—be it podcasts or any related material. Has any of you watched the recent 60 Minutes interview with Michael Lewis on Sunday?”

As of the time of this publication, Kaplan had excused four out of the twelve prospective jurors in the courtroom, indicating that jury selection would continue on the morning of October 4. The trial’s duration is anticipated to extend through November, although the judge purportedly stated that his cases seldom consume as much time as attorneys anticipate.

The commencement of opening arguments in the criminal trial is slated for October 4, during which both the defense and the prosecution will be allotted approximately 25 to 40 minutes each to address the jury. It’s worth noting that Bankman-Fried faces seven criminal charges in this initial trial, with an additional five charges to be addressed in a second trial scheduled for March 2024.