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Groundbreaking Verdict: XRP Triumphs Over SEC in Landmark Lawsuit, Paving the Way for Industry Resurgence

In an unprecedented ruling, Judge Torres has sided with XRP in its highly anticipated legal battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as revealed by CCData’s groundbreaking report. According to CCData, this pivotal decision holds immense potential to revolutionize the digital assets industry, particularly concerning the classification of such assets as securities within the United States.

CCData, a prominent provider of institutional-grade real-time market data for digital assets, highlights in a recent blog post on July 14, 2023, that this verdict instills renewed optimism in an industry plagued by regulatory uncertainties. Moreover, it sets a powerful precedent that could influence ongoing legal cases, ultimately restoring confidence and reigniting industry participation. Additionally, CCData predicts that this ruling may facilitate an influx of liquidity into the ecosystem as market makers encounter reduced risks associated with these assets.

Following the court’s decision, XRP’s price performance skyrocketed to unprecedented heights, as observed by CCData. The cryptocurrency surged to a staggering $0.93, reaching its highest point since May 2021, and closed at $0.82.

This news triggered a dramatic surge in trading activity, with XRP trading pairs on centralized exchanges witnessing a monumental total volume of $6.05 billion—a staggering 1351% increase from the previous day.

Remarkably, other tokens, such as Solana and Cardano, which have recently faced securities classification, experienced substantial gains in response to the ruling.

According to CCData, relisting XRP on major centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini significantly contributed to the surge in trading volumes. Despite the legal complications surrounding XRP’s lawsuit, the cryptocurrency’s market-depth liquidity displayed remarkable resilience throughout the year. This resilience suggests that market makers perceive XRP as a relatively low-risk asset for market-making purposes, especially if it is no longer deemed security.

CCData’s Orderbook data reveals that the ruling caught many speculators off guard, with a substantial number of orders tightly concentrated around $0.45 just before the announcement. This unexpected turn of events triggered a surge in buy orders, propelling the price to soar from $0.60 to $0.95.

From the perspective of a derivative, XRP maintained a positive funding rate, reflecting the broader positive market sentiment. The ruling also sparked a significant surge in Open Interest across exchanges, surpassing three times its baseline level before the announcement. CCData emphasizes that this surge signifies the overwhelming positive speculation surrounding XRP’s future.

CCData firmly believes this groundbreaking verdict ushers in a new era of clarity for the digital asset market. It anticipates that this development will reshape industry trends, potentially bolster coins classified as securities, and challenge the market dominance of BTC. Furthermore, CCData suggests that this landmark ruling could prompt a reevaluation of the SEC’s regulation by enforcement approach and foster industry growth by attracting fresh liquidity and instilling confidence in ongoing innovation within the digital asset sector.


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