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Guy, Crypto Analyst Says An Ethereum Competitor Is Ready For Major Rally

So, Guy, A crypto tells FTM to his 1.55 million YouTube subscribers in a new video.
More so, FTM, the native asset for the smart contract platform Fantom,
still “has a lot more room to the upside”
That’s, despite its massive 18,407% gains in the past year.

So, Guy explains.

“This is because Fantom’s market cap is medium-sized and its fundamentals are…”
“significantly stronger than most of the cryptocurrencies that currently outrank it.”

“FTM’s tokenomics are also seriously robust. All FTM coins allocated to Fantom’s early…”
“investors, founders and advisers finished vesting last November.”

Currently, FTM trades at $2.66, representing decline of over 7% in the past week, according to CoinGecko.

So, Guy says that the FTM coins in circulation are coming from the asset’s staking rewards.

Then, Guy adds.
“This is happening to the tune of about 500,000 FTM per day,…”
“which is just under $1.5 million of daily sell pressure. Now, this small amount of sell…”
“pressure is being easily offset by the demand for FTM coming…”
“from the growing number of Fantom users and investors.

So, Guy continues.

“That said, there is likely some sell pressure coming from the Fantom Foundation’s massive…”
“developer fund, though this seems to be minimal, as any FTM awarded to devs is vested monthly over one year.”

More so, Guy concludes.

Notably, also states that more than half of FTM’s total circulating supply is in staking.

So, Guy explains.
“And I’m sure most of it is being staked for more than the bare minimum…”
“This reduction in available supply further increases FTM’s ability to fly.”

“Best of all, FTM has a maximum supply of 3.175 billion,..”
“which means inflationary issuance isn’t eating away at its price action.”

Lastly, Guy predicts 100% to 200% gains for Fantom before the bull market ends and he says it’s
“very possible FTM could pump higher.”

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