HAQQ Becomes Istanbul Blockchain Week’s Title Sponsor Promoting Islamic Culture in Web3.

Istanbul Blockchain Week gets a seal of approval from HAQQ (Islamic Coin), an ethics-first network committed to empowering individuals and fostering sustainable decentralized finance. As the title sponsor, HAQQ will bring to the forefront ESG-forward and Shariah-compliant advancements within Web3, celebrating a culture of inclusivity and social responsibility. Istanbul becomes the epicenter for the convergence of technology, finance, and Islamic values.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – July 12th, 2023Istanbul Blockchain Week, the highly anticipated global event that attracts industry leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and developers, is excited to unveil its collaboration with HAQQ (Islamic Coin), dedicated to creating a fair and ethical decentralized financial system. HAQQ will serve as the title sponsor for this year’s event, reflecting IBW’s strong commitment to technological innovation and financial inclusion, rooted in a culture of inclusivity, and social responsibility.

Crypto has made its mark in Turkey, and Istanbul has emerged as the go-to destination for the country’s Web3 enthusiasts. Many small businesses in the region are actively involved in cash-to-crypto transactions, and crypto has become a practical solution to counter the effects of inflation. By assuming the title sponsorship for Istanbul Blockchain Week, HAQQ stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of crypto trading and investments, Web3 engagement, and the guiding principles of Shariah. IBW becomes a cultural melting pot where Europe meets the Middle East, thereby emerging as the symbol of ethical crypto investing and practices, representing an inclusive and decentralized future.

“Upon meeting the team behind IBW, it became evident that HAQQ had to be a part of this remarkable event. The meticulously curated list of sponsors and speakers reflects the dedication of IBW to bring together a community of fair, transparent, and forward-thinking projects,” explained Alex Malkov, the CEO of HAQQ, “As we strive to drive the ESG change and promote the integration of Shariah-compliant principles in Web3, our commitment extends to fostering cross-cultural collaboration and inclusivity. With its unique blend of European and Middle Eastern influences, Istanbul provides the perfect backdrop for our vision of a supranational, inclusive, and decentralized future to flourish.”

Attendees of IBW will have a unique opportunity to participate in a workshop organized by HAQQ, focused on exploring sustainable and ethical blockchain infrastructure. During this session, participants will learn about the principles of Shariah and understand why projects following this philosophy are considered ethical and ESG-compliant. The CEO of HAQQ, Alex Malkov, will also deliver a keynote speech at IBW, sharing his journey and emphasizing the importance of reliable measures to verify and support sustainable projects within Web3.

“Last year, Istanbul Blockchain Week attracted over 4,000 attendees and featured more than 120 speakers, including prominent Turkish leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials. I am immensely proud that HAQQ recognizes the unwavering dedication of IBW to create a space where ethical and transformative leaders from around the world can come together, network, collaborate, and elevate our industry,” commented Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week, “HAQQ’s participation as the title sponsor reaffirms our commitment to technological innovation, financial inclusion, and the values that hold significant importance in Islamic and Turkish cultures on a global scale. With HAQQ’s invaluable support, we pledge to foster an ethical and inclusive decentralized finance system that empowers individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide.”

Istanbul Blockchain Week will take place in Istanbul Hilton Bomonti Hotel from August 22nd through 23rd. It is a celebration of decentralized culture and trade, gathering forward-thinking leaders from all over the world.


About HAQQ

HAQQ is an ethics-first L1 blockchain that brings together sustainability-centered developers, validators, open-source contributors, and Muslim innovators in sustainable finance with its native asset – Islamic Coin. As an EVM-equivalent chain built using the Cosmos SDK, HAQQ’s innovative technology allows for the seamless deployment of smart contracts from other EVM chains. HAQQ aims to create a fairer, more sustainable financial system by balancing Shariah-compliant philosophy with cutting-edge technology using Shariah Oracle – an on-chain registry of Halal Certificates, which assures compliance with Islamic principles. HAQQ ensures that its users interact exclusively with whitelisted Shariah-compliant dApps, minimizing unethical or Haram activity within the network.
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About Istanbul Blockchain Week

Istanbul Blockchain Week is an annual event that brings together blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders from across the globe. Following its remarkable success in November 2022, which witnessed an impressive turnout of over 4,000 attendees and featured 120+ international and Turkish speakers such as Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Changpeng Zhao, Ziya Altunyaldız, and Şant Manukyan, IBW is set to return to Turkey’s prominent crypto hub from August 22nd to 23rd. As a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploration of the latest advancements in blockchain technology, Istanbul Blockchain Week creates an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation. The event offers attendees a diverse program featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions that delve into various aspects of Web3. Istanbul Blockchain Week presents a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the blockchain world and connect with like-minded visionaries actively shaping the future.
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