Hillary Clinton Warns That Poor Crypto Regulations Will Bring Manipulation from Russia and China

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in an interview with MSNBC TV news, notes that cryptocurrency markets needs stronger regulations. Also, she points out this is to protect against technological manipulation by Russia, China, and others.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton’s warnings go to all “technology of all kinds,”. Of course, she notes which states and non-state entities could use to destabilize countries and the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

More so, Hillary Clinton confirms,

“We’re looking at not only states such as China, Russia, or others manipulating technology of all…”
“kinds to their advantage. We’re looking at non-state actors, either in concert with states or…”
“on their own destabilizing countries, destabilizing the dollar as the reserve currency.”

Also, Hillary Clinton major focus is on how social media platforms use to influence elections through disinformation. Of course, she believes this in combination with the cryptocurrency markets is a way for state and non-state actors to destabilize other countries.

Currently, Nations are using cryptocurrency to get around economic sanctions from the United States. Particularly, North Korea uses cryptocurrency to fund the nuclear weapons program. Of course, this is part of the Warnings from Hillary Clinton.

Lastly, The Iranian government has come out publicly in favor of cryptocurrency.

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