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In 2021, the number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide rose by 70%.

In 2021, the number of crypto ATMs installed worldwide rose by 70%

Along with cryptocurrency’s decade-long acceptance push, the installation of crypto ATMs continues to gain traction throughout the world. According to Coin ATM Radar’s most recent statistics, crypto ATM installations in 2021 increased by 71.73 per cent. Therefore, rising from 13,993 on January 1 to 24,030 at the time of publishing.

Skyrocketing numbers

The total number of ATMs in the world increased by 119.56 per cent to 13,993 due to the building of 7,620 ATMs last year. So far, 10,037 ATMs have been installed in 2021. According to statistics, the rate of building crypto ATMs is around 52.3 every day.

Based on statistics collected in the previous seven days, the United States now dominates this area. The US, having built almost 48 ATMs each day. The number of ATMs in the United States increased by 177 per cent in a year, reaching 16,835.

Crypto ATMs Worldwide

Crypto ATMs are available in 75 countries, with 42 different companies powering these machines. According to Coin ATM Radar’s statistics on the manufacturers, Genesis Coin has a 40.9 per cent market share. Additionally, General Bytes has about a 24 per cent market share. Other competitors, such as BitAccess, Coinsource, and Bitstop, compete for the remaining 35% of the market.

Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin Depot, one of the major Bitcoin (BTC) ATM network owners, recently announced a collaboration with Circle K. The purpose of this collaboration is to deploy cryptocurrency ATMs across the United States and Canada. Since then, more than 700 Bitcoin ATMs have been installed as a consequence of the cooperation.

Bitcoin Depot has over 3,500 crypto ATMs around the United States and Canada. Therefore, allowing customers to buy over 30 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

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