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Jump Crypto will update a crucial component of Solana’s infrastructure

To increase throughput and stability, Jump Crypto, the high-frequency trading company Jump Trading Group’s cryptocurrency division, stated that it would create a new open source validator client for the Solana network.

According to a news release from Jump Crypto, it will propose a major improvement to Solana’s open source core software.

Jump has over 20 years of experience growing networks and developing extremely effective software systems, which gives him unmatched expertise. 

According to Dan Albert, executive director of the Solana Foundation, their contributions to the Solana network will enhance mission-critical systems, enabling the network to scale to billions of users.

One of the quickest blockchain networks, Solana, also experienced a seven-hour network outage in March due to high traffic volume and a major wallet exploit this month for unclear reasons.

Scale the Solana cross-chain bridge using cryptocurrency Wormhole was taken advantage of in February for US$320 million, and Jump Crypto said it made up the difference out of its own pocket.

Last October, Jump Crypto also added Wormhole to the Terra blockchain; however, a few months later, the UST stablecoin rapidly dissociated, driving people away from the network.

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