Just Three Days to Go Till Zebu Live London!

Get ahead of the crowd at the UK’s most explosive Web3 and innovation event this October for the chance to meet Farokh Sarmad, Robby Yung, Ivan on Tech, That Martini Guy, and other key players in the space. Be a part of change-making discussions with global thought leaders including Raoul Pal, Steven Bartlett and Mo Gawdat. Experience unmatched networking opportunities, enjoy after parties, dinners, a VIP riverboat cruise and a whole week of events in London Web3 Week. Here’s a taste of what else to expect:

Image: Zebu Live


In just over a week, the doors will open to this year’s largest and most hotly anticipated event in the innovation and Web3 scene: Zebu Live 2023.

From the 5th to 6th October, Zebu Live will be taking over the Fireworks Factory, Woolwich, on London’s South Bank, inviting over 3,500 IRL attendees to enjoy a host of unforgettable experiences.

To whet your appetite for the occasion, here is a rundown of some of the 150+ companies and 200+ expert speakers you can see at Zebu Live this year.

Image: Zebu Live


Rub Shoulders with Innovative Crypto Experts

Representatives from the exchange Coinbase, a major force in the crypto space, will be among the companies and partners attending the conference. Also present the next-gen music platform Lissen, a Web3 streaming app that brings music creators and fans closer together than ever before. While CafeCosmos, the Farmville-style space café game, will flavour the event with its psychedelic Web3 gameplay.

Tezos, the versatile, energy-efficient, and self-governing layer 1, will be among the many major crypto projects making an appearance. Zodia Custody, an ambitious crypto custody project, will be attending, hoping to attract large-capital players to the scene. Another project targeting institutions is Attestant – who provide unique non-custodial Ethereum staking services.

Attendees will have the chance to meet team members from Solana, a tsunami of a layer 1 project known for its low-cost, speedy transactions and scalability. The Web3 builders from Keyko AG will be there to help organisations enter the Web3 space, easing the way for decentralisation, user-adoption, governance, and compliance. And Appold, independent advisors specialising in blockchain, can give institutions the guidance needed to tokenise assets and enter DeFi.

EU and UK companies looking for a crypto-integrated banking option can speak to Nordark about their IBAN accounts that allow you to seamlessly swap between crypto and fiat. While the G-20 Group of trading experts will be making an appearance to promote their liquidity provision, market making, asset and treasury management, and advisory services. Conference-goers can also learn more about ZkSync, the exciting new layer 1 that leverages the scaling power of zero-knowledge rollups, from the team members at Zebu Live.


Activities and Talks

There will be over 28 hours of talks, panel discussions, and workshops to keep you entertained throughout the two-day event. Here are just a few of the experiences awaiting ticket holders:

Day 1: Thursday

The first event on Thursday morning is the panel discussion ‘How can Web3 gaming go mass market?’ Join GameFi experts Jon Hook from PlayEmber, Francis Brankin from Shrapnel, Jeremy Foo of Trilitech, Melanie Dow from the Blockchain Game Alliance, and Adrian Krion of Spielworks to explore how Web3 games can break out of the cryptoverse. The panel will address a key issue in Web3 gaming: how to overcome its negative image among mainstream gamers.

Later that morning, the alpha stage will host Oliver Brandtvig (Nordark) and Jolyon Layard Horsfall (Flight3), who will debate The Future of Trading. In October, new Financial Conduct Authority rules will effectively ban derivatives trading in the UK, making this a highly relevant and interesting discussion.

In Web3 for Environmental Good, Michael Mazur of UrbanChange Protocol, the digital sustainability researcher Catherine Mulligan, artist Karina Abramova, Kirsteen Harrison from Zumo, and Radoslav Dragov of Open Forest Protocol will explain how the crypto movement can not only be sustainable but even drive projects that have a tangible ecological impact.

In the late afternoon, the esteemed macro investor Raoul Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision media, will talk about The Future of Finance. Hear his views on how Web3, NFTs, and DeFi will disrupt traditional finance and transform the worlds of money, investing, and banking.

Day 2: Friday

For a deeply philosophical start to Friday morning, listen to Mo Gawdat, Ex-Chief Business Officer at Google [X], speak on the main stage about the fascinating topic of AI and the future of the Internet, humanity and all things.

If you are keen to know How to find the Alpha, you won’t want to miss BiT SHaMaN of The Gem Hunters, the crypto researcher and analyst Lewis Jackson, Jamie Elkaleh of Bitget, and Crypto Saving Expert’s Jordan TMG (a.k.a. That Martini Guy) mull over the best way to identify those illusive low-cap and start-up projects with 100x and 1000x potential.

A panel of Alejandro Gutierrez (Defactor), the metapreneur Lara Assi, Sophia Shluger (, Michael Gale (LXRY Hotel), and Weiwu Zhang (Smart Token Labs) will be on the Alpha Stage discussing the hot topic of asset tokenisation in Tokenized Treasures: Unleashing Alternative Assets in the Crypto Frontier.

Ever wondered how to make a career with Web3? After lunch, you can kickstart or level up your Web3 career with the workshop Opportunities in Web3. This workshop is run by Anthony Beaumont, CEO and Co-Founder of Encode Club – a community of developers, professionals, and students interested in emerging technologies.

After Party!

On Friday night, the unmissable and exclusive Zebu Live After Party will begin at Koko in Camden at 7:00 pm before later moving on to Koko’s VIP Luno Lounge, before closing in the early hours at 5am. Check official channels closer to the date for information on how to sign up Koko’s ticketing system to guarantee your spot.

Image: Zebu Live


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