KuCoin Recovers More Than 80% Stolen Coin


KuCoin recovered more than 80% of its stolen coins, chief executive Johnny Lyu revealed via a tweet. The exact recovery rate stands at 84%, or $235 million, of the $280 million stolen in one of the major hacks in 2020.

“(1/3) Latest updates about #KuCoin Security Incident: So far, 84% of the affected assets have been recovered via approaches like on-chain tracking, contract upgrade and judicial recovery. As asked by the law enforcements, we will publish all the details once the case is closed,” Johnny Lyu tweeted.

#KuCoin has resumed the full service of 176 tokens and all others are scheduled to be re-opened before November 22. Again, I would like to thank all the individuals and institutions who helped us in this incident, together, we will make a stronger crypto community.

“(3/3) As the People’s Exchange, I’m glad that we have dealt with this incident in an open and transparent manner, always putting our users first. Looking forward, #KuCoin will continue to safeguard our users and bring more crypto hidden gems to the world as we always did,” he added.