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Lagrano has Announced Their GRAN Token Sale Last Month

Lagrano, the innovative software company, has already launched their GRAN Token pre-sale on the 19th of June. They aim to transform the European marketplace industry with their innovative AI-powered solution, Lagrano AI Suite. This innovative software suite is positioned to improve customer experiences and boost sales for businesses of all sizes, helping them reach new levels of competitiveness against industry giants like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

A Closer Look at Lagrano’s Offerings

Lagrano claims that, AI Suite combines expert knowledge with advanced technology to analyze vast amounts of customer data, including behavior, preferences, and purchase history. By leveraging this data, Lagrano AI Suite creates personalized offers and unique campaigns, tailored to each individual customer’s needs. With 24/7 support from Lagrano’s AI-powered chatbot, businesses can significantly increase conversion rates by engaging with customers in a tailored and efficient manner.

Additionally, Lagrano AI Suite’s predictive abilities enable businesses to anticipate and prevent customer churn, ensuring long-term customer retention. By applying AI algorithms to internal tasks such as inventory management and demand forecasting, businesses can optimize their operations and reduce costs, leading to improved profitability and a stronger bottom line.

Lagrano offers a model where they receive their fees from their partners for services/contributions to their sales in their very own GRAN Token and release these tokens back to the market to maintain circulation.

Noteworthy Updates from Lagrano


It has been over a month since Lagrano launched their token pre-sale, and there have already been noteworthy announcements from their official Twitter account that are worth following.

They periodically provide updates on the efficiency test results of Lagrano AI Suite with their onboard partners, sharing intriguing numbers.

Their two most significant recent announcements were regarding their listing and a major deal following their participation in the Online Retailer Conference & Expo held in Sydney last week.

On their official Twitter account, Lagrano announced that they secured a listing deal for September with an exchange, although details have not been disclosed due to legal obligations they adhere to.

They also announced that they made a significant deal with an Australian marketplace.
According to the announcement on Lagrano’s official Twitter account, their new partner will purchase 1 million GRAN Tokens at a price of $1, which is several times higher than the original pre-sale price.

The total value of the deal is $1 million.


Blind Experiment Approach for Genuine Feedback and Unbiased Results


While Lagrano does not disclose the specific names of their partners, they do reveal the countries from which their partners originate.

According to their explanation, this approach is part of Lagrano’s strategy to conduct a Blind Experiment, allowing them to obtain genuine feedback and results from individuals in order to accurately measure the success of AI Suite for both themselves and their partners. By keeping the identity of their partners confidential, Lagrano ensures that the feedback and customer experiences received are completely natural, as customers of the eCommerce platform will not know whether the platform is utilizing AI Suite or not. This enables both parties to assess performance in an unbiased manner..


About GRAN Token pre-sale


Lagrano’s GRAN Token sale phase is ongoing on their official website and is expected to continue until the end of August. For more detailed information about their project and GRAN Token pre-sale details, you can visit their website, Twitter, and other social media channels.

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