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Ledger Introduces Ledger Enterprise Tradelink: A Secure Trading System for Institutional Investors

Paris-based cryptocurrency custody firm, Ledger, has launched Ledger Enterprise Tradelink, a secure and regulation-friendly trading system designed for institutional investors. The platform aims to reduce third-party risk by providing enterprise-level investors a customized network of interconnected custodians and exchanges. Ledger’s initiative addresses the growing need for enhanced security and transparency in the crypto industry.

Enhancing Security and Transparency 

Ledger Enterprise Tradelink allows real-time tracking of all participants’ collateral balances and operational status, providing enhanced security and transparency. The platform aims to address concerns raised by the recent misappropriation of user funds by centralized exchanges and custodians. By partnering with 20 exchanges and custodians, including, Laser Digital, Huobi, and Uphold, Ledger aims to create a safer and more transparent ecosystem for institutional investors.

Empowering the Crypto Ecosystem 

Sebastien Badault, Vice President of Enterprise Revenue at Ledger, highlights the importance of unlocking better trading options for enterprises and empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to navigate the changing landscape confidently. Ledger Enterprise Tradelink’s focus on security and regulatory compliance aligns with the industry’s increasing institutional interest. The recent filing for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, further demonstrates the surge of institutional involvement in cryptocurrencies.

Ledger’s introduction of Ledger Enterprise Tradelink addresses the need for a secure and regulation-friendly trading system for institutional investors. By prioritizing security and transparency, Ledger aims to strengthen the crypto ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.


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