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MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin Is the Lowest-Risk Asset For Investors

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says that investors buying Bitcoin (BTC). Of course, is better than putting their money into traditional assets such stocks, bonds and gold.

So, While in a new interview with John Darsie, the director of business development at alternative investments firm SkyBridge. Of course, Michael Saylor makes comparison with Bitcoin against other asset classes in over 10 years span.

“I think that over the course of a decade, Bitcoin’s [up] 170% a year, every year for a decade…”
“Nasdaq is [up] 19% every year for a decade and the S&P is [up] 14% every year for a decade…”
“Gold is [down] 6 basis points a year, every year for a decade. Long bonds, 240 basis points.”

Additionally, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor notes that the volatility of the top cryptocurrency doesn’t affect it from offering the highest returns. Also, Michael Saylor goes to refer to it as the lowest risk among asset classes.

“The conclusion you come to is pretty clear. If you can stomach the volatility and the novelty…”
“of Bitcoin, you’re getting paid 10x. If you can’t stomach it, you sit in the S&P index.”

Then, Michael Saylor continues

“The truth of the matter is, the lowest risk thing you can possibly buy right now is Bitcoin,..”
“because there’s no CEO, there’s no corporate headquarters…”

So, Michael Saylor adds.

*The product is simple: it’s one 21-millionth of all the money in the network forever,…”
“so you’re getting away from the board of directors and the employee base and the…”
“regulatory nexus and the competition, and you already know…”
“there’s a demand for a non-sovereign store of value.”

More so, Michael Saylor notes that government worries of ban and regulations makes Bitcoin a “digital property,”.

Then, also says its volatile nature makes it a favourable option for investors buying at a low price.

“It’s scarce, they might say it’s a speculative store of value…”

So, Michael Saylor continues.
“But if it wasn’t speculative, it would be trading at $10 million a coin right now…”
“The only thing that keeps it from going up by a factor of a hundred is the fact that it’s…”
“‘speculative,’ but otherwise, it seems to me it’s a lot more risky to buy gold,…”
“it’s a lot more risky to buy a company, a stock, even a big tech monopoly.”

Lastly, Michael Saylor adds.
“I think that the best thing you could possibly have is the volatility that keeps all of the…”
“conventional thinkers out of the asset, because that gives you a chance to buy it cheap.”

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