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MonFi Empowers Borrowers and Investors with Innovative Blockchain Microloan Platform

Berlin, Germany – MonFi, the pioneering blockchain-based microloan company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative lending and investment platform. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, MonFi aims to revolutionize the lending industry by providing affordable and accessible financing options to individuals, businesses, and organizations, all while ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in the lending process. With its comprehensive suite of offerings, including a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, crowdfunding platform, and credit/debit card, MonFi presents a compelling alternative to traditional lending and investment options.


MonFi’s decentralized investment platform, built on blockchain technology, enables investors to directly invest in projects and businesses without intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions. This decentralized approach eliminates unnecessary costs and enhances returns for investors. By exploring the various projects and businesses listed on the platform, assessing their financial performance and creditworthiness, and making direct investments, users can earn interest on their investments. Leveraging the immutable ledger provided by blockchain technology, MonFi ensures transparency and accountability for all investment activities. This increased transparency, coupled with enhanced security and faster processing times, sets MonFi’s decentralized investment platform apart from traditional systems.


Furthermore, MonFi’s crowdfunding platform empowers borrowers to raise funds from a diverse pool of individuals, rather than relying solely on a single lender. This democratized approach to lending opens up new avenues for financing that may not be available through traditional lenders. By leveraging the transparency, security, and efficiency of blockchain technology, MonFi’s crowdfunding platform ensures a seamless lending process while increasing access to financing options for individuals, businesses, and organizations.


In addition to its lending platforms, MonFi presents the MonFi Credit/Debit card, an incredibly convenient and secure method to access funds held within a MonFi account. With this card, users can effortlessly convert their crypto assets into fiat currency and utilize them for online or in-person purchases wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. The MonFi Credit/Debit card offers a combination of convenience, security, flexibility, and rewards, providing additional value to cardholders.


To qualify for a loan or investment opportunity with MonFi, applicants must meet several primary criteria. These include identity verification, creditworthiness assessment, and the provision of collateral. Through its blockchain-based identity verification system, advanced credit scoring algorithms, and collateral management system, MonFi ensures that it provides accessible and affordable financing options to a wide range of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

MonFi’s tokenomics form an integral part of its ecosystem, ensuring a balanced and sustainable distribution of its native token. With a maximum supply of 200,000,000 tokens, the allocation is as follows:


  • Team: 7% (14,000,000 tokens)


  • Strategic Partners & Advisors: 3% (6,000,000 tokens)


  • Project Reserves: 10% (20,000,000 tokens)


  • Staking Rewards & Development Fund: 26% (52,000,000 tokens)


  • Marketing: 9% (18,000,000 tokens)


  • Seed Sale: 18% (36,000,000 tokens)


  • Community: 10% (20,000,000 tokens)


  • IDO/Whitelist: 7% (14,000,000 tokens)


  • Liquidity & Exchange: 10% (20,000,000 tokens)


  • The token is held by the licensed company Kofi Tech, which has a license for this type of activity, allowing it to create, hold, manage, and tokenize crypto assets. Additionally, this company has the right to process transactions within this structure.


MonFi has developed a meticulous token distribution plan, designed to ensure the long-term success and growth of the project. The team will receive 7% of the total token supply, vesting over a period of 24 months to align their interests with the project’s success. Strategic partners and advisors will receive 3% of the total token supply, which will unlock after 6 months to provide support for the project’s development and growth. Project reserves, accounting for 10% of the total token supply, will be allocated for future development and expansion. The Staking Rewards & Development Fund, representing 26% of the total token supply, aims to incentivize users to hold and stake their tokens, while also supporting ongoing development efforts. Marketing initiatives will receive 9% of the total token supply to raise awareness and promote the project. The Seed Sale, constituting 18% of the total token supply, will fund the project’s initial stages and support its growth. The Community will be allocated 10% of the total token supply to engage and support the user base. IDO/Whitelist sales, accounting for 7% of the total token supply, will be used to distribute tokens to early supporters and investors. Lastly, 10% of the total token supply will be allocated to Liquidity & Exchange to ensure token availability on major exchanges and provide liquidity for traders and investors. The initial listing price for MonFi tokens will be set at $0.045 per token.

For the investors who own’s MonFi’s investment packages which give possibility to provide liquidity to the MonFi loans services there is a better pre-sale price on each stage of the pre-sale.


With a robust marketing strategy in place, MonFi is well-positioned to leverage the growing interest in blockchain-based financial services and emerge as a leader in the microloan and P2P lending industry. MonFi’s innovative approach, powered by blockchain technology, provides a compelling alternative to traditional lending and investment options. Potential investors are invited to explore MonFi’s lending and investment platform and join its mission to provide affordable and accessible financing options to individuals, businesses, and organizations. To learn more about MonFi and its offerings, please visit


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