NEAR HOUSE by Supermoon: Assembling Top Builders at Consensus 2023

Supermoon Camp‘s NEAR HOUSE is set to host a highly anticipated, five-day event during Consensus 2023 in Austin. The exclusive gathering will bring together a carefully curated group of builders and founders from the Near protocol ecosystem. Supermoon Camp has created a comprehensive itinerary for its upcoming event, featuring engaging discussions, mini hacking sessions with Keypom, and collaborative workshops designed specifically for guests staying at NEAR HOUSE.


Each day kicks off with a hearty Builders Breakfast, fostering a sense of unity and providing a platform for engaging conversations centered around Near Protocol. The meticulously crafted Consensus 2023 itinerary guarantees that innovators and entrepreneurs make the most of their time at the conference. Supermoon Camp is set to host brainstorming sessions that will focus on devising growth and adoption strategies for the Near ecosystem.


During the last NEAR HOUSE, Illia Polosukhin eagerly joined in on the lively discussion with the talented Near protocol builders, sparking an all-night discussion at the house. The significance of such gatherings cannot be overstated as Supermoon’s NEAR HOUSE guests hacked all week and won most of the bounties during ETH Denver.


Near House is returning for Consensus 2023 and it is set to become a hub for cutting-edge projects and talented builders as they launch their initiatives and propel the growth of the Near ecosystem. Supermoon Station is proud to present a captivating series of exclusive interviews and thought-provoking panel discussions featuring the masterminds behind the innovative Near House project. The station is set to broadcast an enticing program entitled NEAR HOUSE: Behind the Scenes. This exclusive exhibit offers a unique opportunity for the Near and Supermoon community to participate in these thought-provoking discussions.


As part of the NEAR HOUSE agenda, guests can expect not only the usual lineup of Consensus activities and meetups but also some exclusive Supermoon events to spice things up. One such happening to look forward to is the NDC BBQ, co-hosted by Supermoon, where folks from the Near ecosystem can connect chat about decentralized governance and the grassroots movement that’s taking the NEAR community by storm.


NEAR HOUSE welcomes an array of leading projects from the Near ecosystem, including Near Social, NEAR Korea, Keypom, Orderly Network, Banyan Collective, Here wallet, Pr3sence, NDC GWG, NearPad, Tenamint, Wax.near, and others.


Supermoon Camp is committed to providing unparalleled experiences for the crypto and Web 3 communities, cultivating innovation, and advancing growth among builders and founders. 


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