July 24, 2024
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New Binance listing IO token surges +48% in the last 24 hours

New Binance listing IO token surges +48% in the last 24 hours
  • The IO.NET native token, IO, recorded a price increase of over 48% within the last 24 hours following Binance listing.
  • Binance exchange listed IO token on May 11th, after adopting IO.NET as the 55th project on Binance Launchpool.
  • The IO.NET project consolidates underutilized GPU resources to provide affordable computing power.

The Binance exchange recently listed IO.NET’s native IO token, and the token’s price has been on the rise ever since. The IO token price rose 48.02% in the last 24 hours. At the time of this writing, it is trading at $6.0906. 

Binance Launchpool just recently announced IO.NET as its 55th launchpool project. Following the announcement, the largest crypto exchange also planned to list its native token, IO, on the platform. 

Crypto traders and investors have been keenly eyeing the IO token as a potential crypto to trade and earn profits.

Yesterday, the Binance exchange platform finally listed the IO token on its platform. The IO.NET native token was listed on Binance Earn, Buy Crypto, Convert, Margin and Futures. 

On Binance Futures, the token launched with up to 50x leverage, allowing high-risk investors enough room to maximize trading potential.

Following the listing, crypto investors can now buy IO tokens directly on the Binance exchange platform through several methods. 

Traders can exchange their tokens for IO using the provided trading pairs. Also, Binance provides an option to purchase IO tokens directly using Apple Pay, Credit/Debit card, or Google Pay.

IO Token Records Massive Gains In The Last 24 Hours

IO.NET’s native token, IO, was listed on the Binance exchange yesterday and traded with different pairs. 

The token has recorded impressive gains within the first 24 hours of listing, recording a 48.02% increase in price, according to Binance data.

The token recorded an all-time high price of $6.4485 during the time. Binance data shows that the IO token price has also risen by 35.35% in the last seven days. 

The 35.35% increase may have been realized before the official listing on the Binance exchange.

Given that Binance announced earlier that it would have IO.NET as its 55th project on the launchpool. Many crypto investors already anticipated the IO token listing, which could have led to the price rise before the actual listing.

As of this writing, the IO token is number #122 in market popularity, with a total market cap of $578.61 million. 

Within the last 24 hours, the IO token has recorded a trading volume of $1.70 billion. The token has a fully diluted market cap of  $ 4.87 billion at the moment.

IO.NET Offers Permissionless Access To GPU Resources

The IO.NET is the project Binance Launchpool adopted for its 55th round. The project is reportedly improving GPU accessibility by pooling computing resources together and distributing them on a need basis. 

The launchpool project collects underutilized GPU power and effectively re-distributes it with a primary focus on affordability.

IO.NET consolidates GPU power from crypto mining farms, data centers, and even personal users. The computing resources collected can be redistributed to AI and ML startups at subsidized costs.

IO.NET’s infrastructure is decentralized and consists of independently operated GPUs (IOG). According to IO.NET, the project also offers a web app that allows users to manage their GPU node operations. 

IO.NET can also allow users to create scalable clusters through its proprietary cloud platform, O Cloud.

The cloud computing platform also provides an identity management system that cuts across the entire IO ecosystem.

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