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Nifty News: Gucci to Drop Otherside Pendants, Jack Daniels Taps AR, Web3 and More

Gucci has created a limited-edition pendant for Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse in physical and NFT forms. The silver “KodaPendant” from Gucci will be released on April 6 for Koda or Vessel NFT hodlers, which are Otherside creatures or avatars.

The chain is 50cm long and has a Koda-shaped pendant etched with “GG.” 3,333 will be sold for 450 ApeCoin $4.32, worth $1,930 at current pricing.

After purchase, Koda or Vessel NFT information will be changed with a KodaPendant trait, updating the token’s animated character physically. The initial drop of Otherside Relics By Gucci, the two brands are keeping quiet about what’s coming.

Yuga Labs wrote on April 4 that the relationship will “push the boundaries at the nexus of fashion, entertainment, and gaming.”

“Throughout our extensive engagement, we will work together to engage Voyagers in immersive experiences at the convergence of fashion, entertainment, and technology,” the firm noted. Jack Daniels and Yahoo Creative Studios have launched a Web3 campaign featuring Polygon-based digital collectibles and Augmented Reality (AR).

The duo will launch an AR smartphone experience in five Australian locations to uncover a “Jack Daniel’s crate” in a Pokemon Go-style map-based game.

The boxes contain Winston Surfshirt, Stand Atlantic, and the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets NFT music tracks and gift cards. If someone finds a box, they can mint it as a Polygon collectible. There are 2,000 tracks available.

On April 3, Jack Daniel’s senior brand manager Dimitra Tassopoulos told Bandt:

“We briefed our media agency, Starcom, and said ‘we’re a huge brand, we need to push boundaries and look at doing something differently.’ We’re going to do out-of-home, digital, social, and events, but we need new and unique ideas.”

When musicians released music, people lined up to buy it. The cover picture and lyrics were visible. “That’s something the younger generation hasn’t had the joy of discovering because things feel a little less personal when you’re streaming the song rather than owning the song,” he remarked.

According to blockchain security startup Peckshield, $10.9 million worth of NFTs were stolen in March, with three-quarters first re-sold on Blur. On April 2, the business tweeted that OpenSea sold 19.5% of March’s stolen NFTs within two hours.

Thefts dropped 32.72% to $10.9M. “Half of the stolen NFTs were sold on marketplaces within 2 hours,” the business tweeted. Packshield did not explain why NFT thieves visited Blur in March.

Despite a token airdrop effort, February saw only 20% of the initial stolen NFT sales on the marketplace. On April 4, FIFA released “AI League,” a Web3-based AI mobile game. AI League released on Android in open beta and will soon be on the App Store. The player coaches a “4-on-4 casual football game, played amongst AI-controlled characters” and customizes player attributes.

AI characters look like animated film or avatar-based NFT characters, not professional players. Web3 characters will become NFTs tradeable on FIFA’s marketplace. Late last year, Web3 games were announced to ship before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


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