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NvirWorld Launches NWS (Nvir Web3 Studio) and Showcase Game “Sugar Flavor”

NvirWorld is thrilled to share our newly launched NWS and showcase the game “Sugar Flavor”. Launched on the 16th, NWS is a user-centric next-generation Web3 game studio and marketplace that designs and distributes various game titles from hypercasual to AAA. The development of NWS is divided into three stages, and various functions will be introduced at each stage.

NWS 1.0 is a single integrated gaming platform that provides gamers with a comprehensive, accessible, and seamless gameplay experience via our meticulously designed in-house games. NWS 2.0 (also known as NWS Dev Hub) is an end-to-end marketplace that provides game developers or studios with a comprehensive suite of SDKs with automation and marketing tools, integrating on-chain games on the NWS 2.0 platform through NWS SDK. NWS 3.0 (also known as NWS Nerve Center), is an LCNC game production tool that allows developers and gamers with limited technical knowledge to curate and publish creative storylines complemented by in-built marketing tools for potential revenue generation.

In a conversation with Justin, CEO of NvirWorld, he shared, “Starting with NWS 1.0, we are initiating a collaborative journey with a multitude of reliable partners and game projects. Our joint goal is to construct a Web3 ecosystem that grants everyone the ability to seamlessly craft and savor the realm of games. Our vision goes well beyond NWS 1.0, and it encompasses the exhilarating prospects of NWS 2.0 and NWS 3.0 updates. These forthcoming iterations are designed to further enhance the ecosystem, ensuring that it becomes increasingly accessible and enjoyable for all.”

NWS will showcase NvirWorld’s in-house designed game titled “Sugar Flavor”. “Sugar Flavor” is a puzzle game that challenges users to connect three identical items at different levels of difficulty.

CMO Jason emphasized, “Sugar Flavor isn’t a mere emulation of other renowned games; it’s a distinct creation by NvirWorld, meticulously developed through extended research and development. Its unique qualities are evident.” He further highlighted, “In the coming updates, we’re excited to introduce a PVP mode that will allow users to compete with each other. Furthermore, we are committed to transforming Sugar Flavor into a fully on-chain game via a series of forthcoming updates, offering new dimensions to the game with state-of-the-art Web3 features.”

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