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Oasys and KDDI Forge Strategic Partnership for Blockchain Gaming and NFT Integration

Blockchain-based game development platform, Oasys, has taken a significant step towards enhancing its ecosystem by integrating with the “αU market,” a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, and the “αU Wallet,” a cryptocurrency wallet offered by Japanese telecommunications giant, KDDI Corp. This collaboration, announced on September 12, promises to bring exciting opportunities for users and developers alike.

Oasys, known for its scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 solution using Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling technology, will now enable its users to seamlessly showcase NFTs within the “αU market” and efficiently manage NFTs using the “αU Wallet.” Additionally, users will be able to conduct OAS token transfers and deposits, thereby expanding the utility of the platform.

One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the potential to tap into KDDI’s extensive user base, leading to wider adoption of blockchain gaming. KDDI’s commitment to the blockchain space became evident earlier this year when it introduced the “αU (Alpha You)” metaverse and Web3 platform. This platform, designed to empower creators, aligns perfectly with Oasys’ vision.

KDDI’s involvement in Oasys goes beyond integration, as they have actively participated as network validators and judges in Oasys’ HACKJAM hackathon in Tokyo. This proactive engagement has played a crucial role in nurturing the growth of the Oasys ecosystem.

Ryo Matsubara from Oasys and Shunpei Tatebayashi from KDDI shared their insights in an interview with Mugenlabo magazine, highlighting the significance of incorporating Web3-era services into a blockchain that supports various games. This strategic alignment strengthens both companies’ positions in response to the rising popularity of blockchain gaming and decentralized applications (dApps).

The integration of KDDI’s extensive customer base with Oasys users holds immense potential for accelerating the adoption of blockchain gaming. Furthermore, the αU Wallet’s backup and filtering features align with Oasys’ mission to lower entry barriers for cryptocurrency and NFT newcomers, offering them a sense of security and confidence.

Leveraging KDDI’s telecommunications expertise opens up numerous collaborative possibilities. Oasys’ emphasis on merging Web2 and Web3 games complements KDDI’s strong presence in the telecom industry. KDDI’s ongoing efforts in infrastructure and content-related collaborations will empower Oasys to harness emerging technologies and communication channels, resulting in innovative experiences driven by 5G communication and augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) technology.

In conclusion, the partnership between Oasys and KDDI signifies a pivotal moment in the world of blockchain gaming and NFTs. As these two entities join forces, we can expect to see groundbreaking developments that will shape the future of decentralized entertainment. The integration not only benefits existing users but also paves the way for newcomers to explore the exciting world of blockchain and NFTs with confidence.


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