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Paul Tudor Jones Hedge Fund Billionaire Notes How Gold Is Not Winning The Inflation Hedge Against Crypto

Paul Tudor Jones, Hedge fund billionaire explains that crypto is has upper preference in handling inflation.

Furthermore, while In a new interview with CNBC, Paul says that crypto is a great hedge against inflation. Especially, when its in comparison with gold.

“Crypto has been a great hedge… I said then, I said now, I’ve got crypto in single digits in my portfolio…”
“I have a small trading position in our fund
and do think we’re moving into an increasingly…”
“digitized world. Clearly, there’s a place for crypto, and clearly,…”
“it’s winning the race against gold at the moment. So yes,..”

“I would think that would also be a very good inflation hedge. It would be my preferred one over gold at the moment.”

Currently, Paul oversees investment management firm Tudor Investment Corporation.

Additionally, he thinks it’s better to own BTC than the Bitcoin futures ETF.

“I think a better way to get in would be to actually own physical Bitcoin,..”
“to take the time to learn how to own it and carry it. I think the ETF will be fine…”

Then, Paul adds.
“I think the fact that it’s SEC approved should give you great comfort.”

Notably, Paul notes how China’s crypto ban will affect the country in the future. Also, he goes on to say that America will adopt more of bitcoin.

Furthermore, Paul Tudor Jones says.

“I think crypto is here to stay. Look, this is the United States of America right?…”
“The reason we’re the most dominant economic power [in] the world is because we unleash…”
“our individual entrepreneurialism and creativity. And you’re seeing China do the exact opposite…”
“That place is on, economically, a slow boat to the South Pole…”
“As long as the US can continue to unchain our entrepreneurs,…”
“we’re going to always be in the dominant position.”

Then, Paul Tudor Jones concludes.

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