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Perpetrators behind the vast majority of NFT hacks, as well as how much stolen

April will go down in cryptocurrency history as the month with the biggest amount of hacks in both the DeFi and NFT industries. The most recent hacks in the business were carried out by the hacking group Zachxbt.

According to the on-chain investigator, the hacking gang responsible for the majority of NFT Discord intrusions in recent months has roughly $4 million in Ethereum in its main wallets. While the sum appears insignificant in light of the number of reports in the industry, it is important to remember that it excludes cash transferred through coin mixing solutions, which make up the vast majority of the stolen funds.

The most recent attack, which took place over the weekend, netted hackers over $300,000 in ETH via the sale of stolen NFTs. Zachxbt was able to track the movement of funds from wallet to wallet as a result of the attack. Later, ETH was transferred to the main wallet, which now has the above-mentioned sum.

Zachxbt was able to track down the Twitter accounts of hackers using ENS linked to wallets discovered in the scheme. At least four ENS addresses were used in the The333Club breach, two of which were linked to anonymous Twitter accounts.

It is only one of several hacking groups that employ social engineering and phishing websites to steal other people’s NFTs or money in any form, according to the researcher. Those groups are said to have come from forum websites and have already made eight figures from NFT fraud.

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