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Co-founder of Polygon resigns and will continue to work “from the sidelines.”

Jaynti Kanani, one of the visionary co-creators behind Polygon, declared his departure from the project’s relentless daily grind approximately half a year ago.

In an intricately woven narrative conveyed through an Oct. 4 X (formerly Twitter) thread, Kanani unveiled his intention to embark on novel ventures while maintaining a subtle influence on Polygon’s trajectory, orchestrating a symphony of innovation from the sidelines. Collaborating with software virtuosos such as Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun, and Mihailo Bjelic, Kanani laid the foundational keystones of the Matic network back in 2017, an entity that would later metamorphose into the renowned Polygon.

Emotions ran high as Nailwal, in response to this announcement, candidly expressed, “This journey, my friend, stirs the deepest emotions within me. We’ve traversed uncharted territories together, and yet, Polygon’s odyssey is but in its nascent stage. How I yearn for more extended chapters in this extraordinary expedition that is Polygon. Alas, destiny beckons, and one must heed its call.”

Polygon’s digital domain boasts a constellation of ten co-founders guiding the protocol’s destiny, with some embarking on exciting side ventures within the platform’s expansive ecosystem. Arjun, however, embarked on a distinct path in March, catalyzing the birth of the blockchain data availability protocol Avail.

The canvas of Polygon Labs is now graced with a multitude of improvement proposals aimed at orchestrating the network’s transition into the realm of Polygon 2.0, a concept conceived back in June. This new frontier shall be sculpted by the intricate artistry of zero-knowledge proofs, encompassing four meticulously crafted protocol layers, each dedicated to the domains of staking, interoperability, execution, and proof validation. At the time of this manuscript’s inception, the diligent hands of developers were fervently crafting the vibrant tapestry that is “Polygon 2.0,” breathing life into its digital existence.

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