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QuadrigaCX Bitcoin scandal will be documented on Netflix

Netflix has released a list of upcoming true crime documentaries one including the QuadrigaCX Bitcoin scandal. A documentary on one of the world’s most complex Bitcoin tales to date is on the way. ‘Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King’ will be released in 2022. It follows a group of amateur detectives who began their careers as bitcoin speculators.

Gerald Cotten: QuadrigaCX’s Founder

They are seeking to discover more about the strange death of QuadrigaCX founder Gerald Cotten. Additionally, what happened to the $250 million they claim he stole from them, according to Engadget. Cotten founded QuadrigaCX, which was formerly Canada’s largest bitcoin exchange. He died in December 2018 because of Crohn’s disease complications.

According to his wife, Jennifer Robertson, Cotten was the only person who had the passwords to QuadrigaCX’s offline crypto storage. Therefore meaning the digital currency, worth over CAD 200 million in early 2019, was no longer accessible. Online sleuths, according to the storey, discovered some shocking details about the incident.

The Mystery Unfolds

For one thing, Cotten left Robertson his whole estate in his will, which he wrote a month before his death. There was also hypothesises that QuadrigaCX didn’t have sufficient money to settle all of its creditors and that Cotten falsified his death and fled with the money. Therefore, the company ceased operations after declaring bankruptcy in 2019.

That year, the FBI launched an inquiry, collecting information from anyone who had lost money due to Cotten’s death and QuadrigaCX’s demise. It’s uncertain whether the documentary will give any concrete details on the saga’s end, but it should at the very least raise awareness about one of the most exciting crypto cases in recent history.

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