July 24, 2024
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Raoul Pal Says Bitcoin and Crypto Ready To Hit Best Part of Bull Cycle

Raoul Pal

The Macro investor and former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal says Bitcoin and crypto will soon enter the best part of the bull cycle.

More so, Raoul Pal reveals this during a new Crypto Banter episode. Furthermore, He notes the digital asset markets will move higher after a possibly massive correction in the last few months.

Additionally, Raoul Pal explains
“We are in the teeth of the best part of the entire cycle…”
The price is going to go up regardless. We threw all the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) at it over the summer…”

Also, Raoul Pal continues,
“That was the 50% correction. Basically, the market’s been trading sideways in a volatile…”
“range since March for Bitcoin and May for the rest of the market…”
“This is the point. If you look at all of the post-halving cycles,..”
“this quarter is where all the games are made.”

Meanwhile, Raoul Pal also notes he’s monitoring the main catalyst that will cause crypto markets to grow higher next year.

So, Raoul Pal highlights.
“The big factor that people need to think about is how institutions allocate…”
“It’s quarterly, and it’s annual. So we will see [in] this bull run everybody who hasn’t yet invested…”
“or wants to increase their weightings, that will come in jam and generally,..”
“every one with new shiny P and L (profits and losses), the hedge funds, too, allocate…”

Meanwhile, Pal adds.
“I think January, February and March much more potential. It could go in as far as June.”

Notably, The Real Vision CEO says he’s monitoring Charts that tracks the valuation of all crypto assets.

Furthermore, Raoul Pal explains.
“It basically is two standard deviations oversold versus the historical trend…”
“That’s the total crypto market cap. So it looks like if you follow the trend and all of these…”
“exponential assets do the same thing, they get overbought [to the] top of the trend…”
“My guess is this goes from $2 trillion to $8 to $10 trillion at the end of this cycle, and then we correct.”

Lastly, Real Vision CEO concludes.