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Raoul Pal warns about the “Death of the American Dream” and supports crypto as a lifeline.

On September 4, Raoul Pal, the founder of Global Macro Investor, took to Twitter to share a sobering thread that delves into what he calls the “death of the American dream” and the precarious future faced by US citizens amidst the backdrop of rising living costs and stagnant wages. Pal cited data from the London Stock Exchange Group to highlight a concerning trend: real-time US wages have remained stagnant, while the cost of living has surged, pushing equities up by 2.5% annually, resulting in an 85% erosion of workers’ purchasing power.

Furthermore, Charles Schwab, a prominent financial services firm, reported a troubling decline in the projected average annual GDP growth rate from 2.3% to 1.8%. Pal argued that this growing wage-expense disparity has forced many Americans from different generations to compete for work, which, in turn, has contributed to the suppression of wages.

The dire economic situation has left many citizens unable to save money. Truflation’s survey underscored this bleak reality, revealing that “one in five US citizens believe they will never retire.” The culmination of inflation and mounting debts has also fueled an “unprecedented opioid crisis,” leading to a stark increase in the death rate and a decline in birth-to-death ratios in the country.

Pal’s prognosis for the 2024 US elections is equally grim, as he anticipates the widespread use of “deep fakes and AI misinformation” on an unprecedented scale, potentially leading to chaos and heightened poverty.

However, amid this disheartening narrative, Pal offers hope and a potential lifeline. He emphasizes the critical importance of owning assets that thrive in such challenging circumstances, explicitly pointing to cryptocurrencies and technology. Pal asserts that crypto offers users a heightened sense of control and adaptability in the face of current economic uncertainties. He argues that even a small investment in these assets can yield a noticeable impact.

Pal’s call to action is clear: While there may appear to be no alternative course of action, embracing cryptocurrencies is a wise choice that needs to be seriously considered.

This dire outlook echoes discussions in a previous podcast episode hosted by Flip’s founder, Brian Krogsgard, which explored the intricate relationship between the Federal Reserve and Bitcoin. The podcast highlighted the Federal Reserve’s inherent sluggishness in reacting to economic developments, making it all the more imperative for individuals to explore alternative financial avenues, such as cryptocurrencies, in these tumultuous times.


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