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Ronaldinho Entangled in Crypto Controversy: What You Need to Know!

Ronaldinho, the legendary football mastermind, is embroiled in a new controversy. This time, though, it is not on the football field but in a Brazilian courtroom. Due to a change in the weather, the soccer superstar allegedly evaded a vital court session.

What’s the reason? Heavy weather caused flight cancellations, delaying his appearance in Porto Alegre, where the hearing was scheduled. The storm, however, was not the only thing building.

According to sources, the charismatic sportsman, his brother Assis, and business partner Marcelo Lara were scheduled to testify before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on whether their joint enterprise, suitably titled 18K Ronaldinho, deceived the public with a dirty cryptocurrency fraud masquerading as a pyramid scheme.

According to the news, the organization promised its clients daily revenue with rates as high as 2% – all based on digital currency activities. What’s the catch? Authorities were alarmed by this brazen remark, which raised concerns that their idea had more in common with a pyramid structure than they admitted. The investor’s dream of quick, huge returns raised more eyebrows than expected.

It appears that the crypto world is not without controversy. Only last month, Alex Mashinsky, the former CEO of the now-defunct crypto lender Celsius, was arrested. In several subsequent claims, Mashinsky was accused of being the brains of a Ponzi scheme. He’s also accused of deceptively inflating the price of the Celsius Network’s trademark token, CEL, to profit from his inflated stock.

And what about Ronaldinho? It’s been rumored that the law will soon tighten its grasp, with possible arrest to guarantee he doesn’t dodge court again. The prosecution was emphatic that he would not be spared retribution despite Ronaldinho’s great reputation. “It’s about correcting the record. It’s not about money or celebrity. “Ronaldinho and his associates owe an explanation to the entire country,” the prosecutor added firmly.

However, the soccer legend’s foray into the digital realm does not end here. Ronaldinho dabbled in the NFT (non-fungible token) market last year, collaborating with the NFT design firm INFLUXO. Bidders for this rare collection had to prove their financial capability during the auction. Some token owners could even access a memorable experience – a face-to-face meeting with Ronaldinho in Dubai, with airfare and a two-night luxury stay.

With all of its beauty, the digital era has its drawbacks. The world will watch Ronaldinho’s next move with bated breath as the lines between celebrity, cryptocurrency, and the law blur. Will he be able to dribble past these accusations, or is it game over? The only way to know is to wait and see.


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