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Shiba Inu jumps 30% and Dogecoin also spikes on Sunday

Jump in Shiba has not been seen since May.

With all the downtrends and infamous bad spells cast over the cryptocurrency horizon, we see a strong contender rising above it all.

The happy dog: SHIBA with USD 3.4 Billion in trading volume in the last 24 hours, clocks in a new high not seen since May of this year. This is a 30% spike recorded just this Sunday.

While most eyes are on the bad news, the meme coin dogs didn’t take the weekend off as they both provided a good number this weekend.

SHIBA jumped from USD. 0.00001516 to USD. 0.00001774, clocking in around USD. 3.41 Billion total value of trading volume. DOGE rose from USD. 0.0771 to USD. 0.0838 over the same weekend duration.

This play will be seen to counter the negative sentiment happening on more serious tokens or Crypto blue chips.

It speaks volumes in favor of the technical perspective of the market. Applying macros and fundamentals to cryptocurrencies is hard, for it is impossible from many angles.

Trading volume and frequency will be the mother determinant of trends and, thereby, should be taken on a surface trading level to see clearly that all the trends are just collective behaviors to the trading landscape alone.

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