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Solana To Flip BNB And USDT To 3rd In 2024; What Does This Mean For $GFOX?

Solana is set to become the third largest crypto by market capitalization by the end of 2024,This growth shows the popularity of enterprise utility blockchains. $GFOX rising fast owing to the utility provided to users.

Smart contracts blockchain Solana is set to become the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization later in the year. Solana had a solid few months, with the most recent being PayPal’s decision to launch its stablecoin on the blockchain. 

Development and utility are two vital aspects of the blockchain scene. Solana has continually shown its edge and will look to meaningfully challenge Ethereum on this front. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) brings similar utility to the meme coin scene. There are parallels between its exponential rise and Solana’s. $GFOX listed on Uniswap in April and quickly became one of the best meme coin tokens to purchase. 

Solana To Surpass BNB and USDT

The Solana blockchain’s development of a low-cost and practical transaction ecosystem is paying off. This cryptocurrency is rising to the top echelons of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.  A steady stream of good news, the latest being Vanceck Solana Trust’s application for a SOL ETF has caused this surge. 

Solana is likely to surpass BNB and USDT, which are right below the top two. Bitcoin has occupied the top spot since launch and will remain for the foreseeable future. Ethereum also pioneered smart contracts and will likely remain second for a while. 

The recent developments come on top of significant partnerships that Solana has struck. Getting partners like PayPal on board shows this commitment to scaling up and becoming a global force.

This development means that Solana now has the most credible case for being an Ethereum killer. It is more scalable and has gained the credibility of investors. Time will tell how well it squares up to the might of Ethereum.

$GFOX Ripping Higher

The crypto landscape is rewarding innovative platforms that disrupt established sectors. Galaxy Fox sought to do the same for the meme coin space. Its addition of utility and dynamism to the traditional meme coin concept has been a revelation. 

The Galaxy Fox play-to-earn game launched on May 18, 2024 to shake up the meme coin landscape. Users get a chance to nurture digital fox characters that engage in exciting battles to earn various rewards.

This structure takes a different approach from standard memecoins. The likes of Dogecoin have no utility with a meme coin reliant purely on meme notoriety.  Galaxy Fox ensures players can gain rewards within the game and also participate in governance. 

Users can stake on the platform and earn passive rewards on their tokens. This tool creates an infinite money glitch for users willing to participate and create on the platform. Blockchain platforms that create meaningful value for their communities are the ones that endure.

Additionally, Galaxy Fox has NFT collectibles to ensure there are valuable in-game items within the ecosystem. These gaming items ensure players take ownership of gaming items and participate more. These features show why investors are confident that Galaxy Fox shares a similar trajectory as Solana.


Solana is a model for what crypto platforms should aim for. The creation of practical and efficient platforms that transform ordinary lives is incredible.

$GFOX shares this promise for its users. This project looks to become one of the best projects to launch in 2024.

Visit the Galaxy Fox website today to learn more about the project. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:  | Join the Community

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