July 23, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Blockchain News

“Big Four” accounting firm continuing to invest heavily in Blockchain.

Ernst and Young invest $100 million to expand the blockchain product suite. In addition, the firm is investing heavily in Blockchain in engineering and developing distributed ledger technologies for many enterprise applications. Second Generation EY revealed its second generation of smart contract and token review tools on May 17th. It was revealed through its EY

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Latest News

Arte Surfside accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

The apartment decided to accept cryptocurrency for its remaining luxury residences that include the Villa Nove penthouse. Moreover, the apartment currently listed the Villa at $38 million. The firm made a partnership with SolidBlock to allow potential buyers to pay in multiple cryptocurrencies. Arte Surfside included Bitcoin an Ether in this partnership. Attempts to appeal

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