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Tether Tokens Goes Live On BtcTurk

BtcTurk, Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Tether, the blockchain-enabled platform that powers the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, announced today the availability of Tether (USDt) tokens on BtcTurk | PRO.

BtcTurk | PRO allows users to circulate USDt tokens rapidly across integrated exchanges to take advantage of pricing differences, thereby reducing counterparty risks and improving trading privacy. As a highly innovative sidechain, Liquid provides guarantees on the speed and confidentiality of USDt token transactions to other Liquid-integrated exchanges and wallets.

“We anticipate a ready demand among the user base of BtcTurk | PRO for Tether,” said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether. “The market has once again spoken. People like using crypto’s preeminent, most liquid, and trusted stablecoin.”

“We are committed to expanding our offering for traders and are therefore excited to add Tether to BtcTurk Pro,” said Özgür Güneri, CEO at BtcTurk. “Through Liquid Network integration, BtcTurk Pro users will be able to capture opportunities in Liquid Network member exchanges much faster.”

USDt tokens enable BtcTurk | PRO users to complete transfers between liquid-integrated exchanges in two minutes. Users can take advantage of this extra speed to beat competitors to arbitrage opportunities and to maximize their available capital in trading operations. Also, unlike other public blockchains, transactions on Liquid are private, hiding transaction details such as asset type and amounts from third parties.

In becoming a member of the Liquid Network, BtcTurk has obtained access to a key technology that will enhance interaction with other industry-leading companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.Facebook

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